The Best (And Funniest) Reactions To Johntá Austin & Ne-Yo's R&Beat Battle

King Pens: The Best (And Funniest) Reactions To Johntá Austin & Ne-Yo’s Classic R&Beat Battle

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At this point, it’s safe to say the star-studded IG Live beat battles between iconic producers, tastemakers and culture-shifters are keeping us SANE (and thoroughly entertained) through these uncertain times dominated by social distancing, self-quarantine, TIGER KING and toilet paper rationing.

Whew, it’s been SKRESSFUL but at least we had king pens Johntá Austin and Ne-Yo link up for another unforgettable R&Beat Battle that, once again, attracted thousands of cool somebodies to their IG Live for a classy clash of music titans bursting with nostalgic classics that won the whole entire internet.

Peep the best (and funniest) reactions to Johntá vs. Ne-Yo on the flip.

“This woman hosted 106 And Park.” – we could see if they were playing album cuts but ALL THEY DROPPED WERE CLASSICS

“I knew Johnta Austin was gon win when he started drinking D’usse from a wine glass
#NeYoVsJohntaAustin” – and still kept it classy

“This IG Live battle with Johnta Austin and Ne-Yo is real classy. I feel like I should have an outfit on.

It’s nice to see them show love and respect for each other’s work as well.” – we def should’ve put on taupe turtlenecks to watch the battle

“Johnta Austin plays Like You & Diggy Simmons has a great point!” – that really might be one of the greatest, most infectious hooks ever written

“I know Johnta Austin smell good as f*ck.” – no doubt in our minds that his cologne costs more than our rent

“Bruh Johnta Austin had ‘We Belong Together’, ‘Be Without You’, and ‘Shake It Off’ in the same damn year man…” – we don’t celebrate Johntá Austin enough

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“The other body blow last night how did he write this at 15 ??? Johnta is a genius” – most people have never done something this legendary at 15

“Johnta wrote Aaliyah- I Dont Wanna.


– those Aaliyah body blows were too much for Ne-Yo

“Twitter TL learning in real time who TF Johnta Austin was…” – better late as hell than never at all

“And in that moment… Johnta knew he beat Ne-Yo” – Johntá knew from the very beginning that he was going to win

““We belong together” entering the live to secure Johnta’s win over Neyo” – it was already over before this and even more over afterwards

“Johnta Austin v. Ne-Yo has been the best thing to happen this weekend. Gentlemen, thank you!” – we need wayyy more of these Lives if we’re quarantined until May or June or July or even August



THIS WAS LEGENDARY” – just in case you missed it

“In case you missed it last night!” – you know we got you!


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