The-Dream Vs. Sean Garrett Sparks Debate Over Beyoncé's Songwriting Legacy

BoreDumb: The-Dream & Sean Garrett’s R&Beat Battle Sparks Debate Over Beyoncé’s Songwriting Legacy

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If you caught The-Dream & Sean Garrett’s legendary R&Beat Battle on IG Live this past weekend, you noticed them leaning heavily on Beyoncé’s biggest hits in very predictable moments that stirred up inevitable debates about the Queen’s oft-questioned songwriting ability.

For nearly two decades, Queen Bey has been praised by legends (including Queen Mother Pen Mariah Carey) for her songwriting prowess and even made history as the first Black woman to win ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year in 2002.

But that didn’t stop Messy Twitter from questioning what she’s actually written after watching The-Dream and Sean Garrett play many of her career-defining smashes that they famously wrote.

At this point, it’s clear people are beyond bored which explains these silly scuffles between the BeyHive and people (who might have a point?) questioning Bey’s platinum pen.

Peep the (hilarious) Twitter brawl over Queen Bey’s songwriting legacy on the flip.

“The category is: BEYONCÉ 🐝

Sean Garrett and The Dream battling it out for best hit song. A compilation.” – here’s a recap if you missed it

“They playing all these Beyoncé songs…..does sis write” – we knew it was only a matter of time before these tweets crept on the timeline

“Sean Garrett: “I wrote Beyoncé’s best song!!”

The Dream: “No nigga, EYE wrote the Beyoncé’s best song!!” – exactly this

“Damn what did Beyoncé write ?” – messssssssyyyyyyyyyyy

“All jokes aside, this goes to show why Beyonce gets writing credit on her songs. Ppl act like its complicated. It’s not. This is clearly not the “Diva” we know.

She contributed to the final product with both lyrics and melody. She’s a writer. The end.” – hard to disagree with this

“Sean and dream played like 30 Beyoncé platinum records. What did she really write?” – remember when the BeyHive used to swarm (and sting) people who tweeted things like this?

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“Haters yesterday: “Beyoncé ain’t write none of her stuff”

In real life:” – Uh oh. Receipts!

“How so? not only did Beyoncé write along with them, she vocal produced all of these songs by herself and added the vocal elements that make these songs pop.” – we love a respectful rebuttal

“Not y’all thinking Beyoncé doesn’t write her songs” – MORE RECEIPTS

“y’all are really losing y’all mfing mind. Beyoncé was a GRAMMY winning artists before she ever worked with any one of them niggas. Is it crack?” – spicyyyyyy

“Seen a chick say ‘what did Beyoncé write?…’…. the check lol” – WELP

“lmfao n*ggas been doing these battles for days now w multiple artist and beyoncé the one y’all wanna cherry pick the songwriting convo for” – because Beyoncé. You new here?

“Beyoncé don’t need us to defend her, but I’m tired of them discrediting her abilities as a writer, producer and singer. She’s literally a modern day Renaissance woman, only thing she can’t do is cook” – facts only

“Mariah Carey said Beyoncé is a great songwriter, so honestly that’s where the conversation ends.” – and that’s that on that. Period.


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