It's April 1st & 'Rona Rentmageddon Has Officially Begun

It’s April 1st & ‘Rona Rentmageddon Has Officially Begun

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We’ve finally reached the dreaded 1st of April (after the longest month ever) where stressed out citizens who haven’t worked since the Corona chaos shut down everything are expected to pay rent despite the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the whole entire nation.

At this point, we’re on our own without a competent adult in charge or any comprehensive plan (no national rent freeze???) to handle the looming housing crisis.

And, sadly, things will only get worse at a doom and gloomy time in our country where even the CHEESECAKE FACTORY is struggling to pay rent–no, seriously–and openly defying building managers like many other Americans struggling to survive zero paycheck to zero paycheck.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over ‘rona rent being due on the flip.

“Landlord: “You got your rent?”

Me: “You got the COVID-19 vaccine?”” – fair question

“Landlord: “where’s your rent for April?”


– yep, us too

“the april fools joke is my apartment thinking i’m about to cut them this rent check” – realest tweet you’ll see today

“Us: “rent should be suspended! This pandemic is hard on everyone!”

Them on April 1st:”

– this would be hilarious if it weren’t so real

“Them landlords don’t give a fck bout no corona…rent or tent” – sad but true

Much love to Twitter users like @SheaSerrano who are helping people out with their rent

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“Me receiving that email about rent still being due April 1st” – we definitely don’t need this level of negativity in our life

“The Cheesecake Factory drafted a form letter for you to send to your landlord on April 1” – we never imagined that Cheesecake Factory would lead the revolution

“When landlords ask if you got the rent money for April” – exactly this

“POV: landlords sending out April’s rent reminder” – tooooo real

“They are STILL asking us to pay our bills. ON THIS LAND!” – it’s almost criminal. Hell, IT IS CRIMINAL

“Getting home from the bank after paying April’s rent to see #RentFreeze2020 trending…” – we’re not paying until the very last day of the grace period

“Rent being due on April 1st during the biggest pandemic the world has ever seen is without a doubt the cruelest irony I have ever experienced” – a dish served extra cold

“landlords still requesting rent on April 1st like” – it’s a cold, cold world and only getting colder

Landlords are going to take it easy BASED ON WHAT SIGNED LAW???


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