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Jason Lee, most famous for stalking Beyonce at a Roc Nation brunch while she tried to run away from him, has been one of the most hated “bloggers” in the entire internet. He was constantly getting dragged on Love & Hip-Hop for the way he treated Black women and his messiness. There’s rarely a moment of positivity when he is involved.

That didn’t end when he went on TS Madison’s podcast to discuss all the rumors they could. This prompted an exchange in which Lee threw shade at Tyra Banks and Lizzo. He acted like he thought Madison called the two starlets “fat.” When he realized that’s not what she said, he didn’t back down.

Instead, he insisted that he was “thick” and not fat.

Watch the video:

This, of course, prompted the entire internet to absolutely destroy him to the point that he was trending for hours. Welp. Time to take your medicine and enjoy the dragging. Sorry, chief.

It’s important here to mention that Lizzo is out here doing some incredible stuff and making the world better and Jason Lee is out here looking like a plum fool, playing himself.

“Lizzo is out here buying warm meals for WHOLE medical staffs in Seattle + Missouri hospitals and Jason Lee is doing what? Miss TS Madison was right to gather him swiftly.

Why do yall h*te fat women so much? Go away.”

See, this is the issue here. Oftentimes it seems like it’s the guys who, uh, look like Jason Lee who like to throw shade on full-figured women, calling them fat. There’s no excuse for it.

“I don’t understand Jason Lee trying to shade big girls when he’s a big girl himself….the irony.”

At the end of the video he liked to call himself “thick.” Sir, that’s absolutely wrong especially when you go around calling actual thick women like Tyra Banks “fat” and shade Lizzo. This is exactly why he went around getting himself dragged to the point of trending all night.

Then there’s this: Jason Lee constantly shading Black women through his career. The questions about why he has a platform are absolutely real and need to be addressed.

“Jason Lee isn’t even black and he’s consistently shown he hates black women, especially dark skinned black women. The fact that he still has a platform is disgusting.”

Yes, we have to pay homage and respect to TS Madison for checking him and not letting him get away with this trash. He can’t be allowed to say stuff like this unchecked.

“Jason Lee is trash, been trash and will always be trash. He’s allowed his celebrity affiliations and photo ops that he’s gotten by ass kissing make him believe that he’s invincible and 180lbs.

Shout out to TS Madison for handling that!”

Again, Jason Lee has been very happy to be light skinned and his colorism has shown all through his reality TV and especially now. The dragging was warranted.

“Since no one is saying it, I will.

Jason Lee thinks because he’s light-skinned his fat doesn’t count as fat.

Don’t debate me.”

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This is very important: internalized fat phobia. Jason is putting all his problems on these Black women who don’t deserve it.

“Jason Lee is literally one of the worst bloggers. I’m glad Maddie clocked him. Trying to be fatphobic toward Lizzo. Like, the same fatphobic remarks he threw at Lizzo are the same remarks people throw at him. Yikes @ the internalized fatphobia..”


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