Wendy Williams Shades NeNe Leakes 'I'm Not Slumming'

Ex-Friend Files? Wendy Williams Shades Her Homegirl NeNe Leakes ‘I’m Not Slumming’

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“I know I make this look easy and I have my ratchet ways, but the fact is that I worked 35 years of my life to sit here for 11 seasons!”–Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes

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There’s drama afoot between two “friends” who seemed close—up until now. NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams were seemingly still thick as thieves even after Wendy blurted out her buddy’s business on live TV noting that NeNe’s “hiding a secret” and preparing to quit RHOA. But for some reason, Wendy decided to publically shade NeNe this week and NeNe publically responded.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Wendy Williams has kicked off at home tapings of her show and during Monday’s episode, she sent some not so subtle shade NeNe’s way.

Wendy alleged that Nene bombarded her via an unscheduled Facetime call Friday so Wendy could join her Instagram Live broadcast. According to Wendy, the proper etiquette is to give someone a heads up before calling.

She also called NeNe an “over there person” and said she “doesn’t need that kind of attention.”

“I don’t have face or time for Facetime. If I don’t do it with my own parents, or the show, why would I be doing it for someone over there? I like NeNe, but she’s still an ‘over there’ person to me. I felt, honestly, here’s where the ambush came in. She says, ‘Wendy, look’ — she was in hair, makeup and wardrobe with all her people, right? we filming and I want you to be on the speaker!’ I said, ‘NeNe, I did that for you once.’”

“I did that for you one time, you asked me to… I made it very clear [that] I’m not a housewife. Sorry, my career is a bit different than being a housewife. I don’t need that kind of attention. And, quite frankly, then I hung up on her. I said I’m not here for this and I hung up. She never called back and apologized.”

Uhhhh…why’s she so mad??? Why so much shade???

She also reiterated that she’s not a housewife and doesn’t need to be “slumming” as an “add-on” to one.

“I know I make this look easy and I have my ratchet ways, but the fact is that I worked 35 years of my life to sit here for 11 seasons. Look, it’s a full motion picture behind the scenes here, I’m not slumming by being some add-on out of a suitcase for some housewife. For me, that is slumming.”

Well damn!

NeNe’s responded and she’s none too pleased.

Hit the flip for NeNe’s response to her “friend” Wendy shading her.


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NeNe at first said she wouldn’t address her issue with NeNe in the press…

“Any questions I have, I will direct them to her…I wish she would have done the same,” said the housewife during an IG live.

but she changed her tune. After at first agreeing with a fan that Wendy overreacted…



NeNe added that “public disrespect and private apologies don’t mix.”





What a mess.

What do YOU think about Wendy Williams shading NeNe Leakes???


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