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We rock with Bobby V and Pleasure P. They have JAMS in their catalogs and represent a golden era in R&B. But we’re just a bit confused about their upcoming hit battle and the “everybody” who asked for it.

And we mean this with absolutely no disrespect at all but we’re just baffled at Pleasure P doing the absolute most by explaining AT LENGTH why they postponed something very few people asked for in the first place.

Naturally, Bobby V responded by blaming Pleasure P for the hold up in the latest questionable development in a string of questionable developments that sparked hilarious bewilderment across R&B Twitter.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Bobby V & Pleasure P’s R&Beat Battle on the flip.

“Bobby v: “Me and Pleasure P are going to battle, R&B style, for the culture!”

Me:” – us, too (respectfully)

“Bobby V and pleasure P got postponed because only 2 people asked for that sh*t.. them.” – bless their hearts


Bobby V: 🗣 Everybody been asking for me and Pleasure P ‼️

Everybody:” – if we’re being real about it

“I’m not watching a Bobby V and Pleasure P battle just to see what n*gga can roll his stomach better” – pettyyyyyy

“Bobby V and Pleasure P postponed their battle” – we’re heartbroken

“That Bobby V and Pleasure P IG battle about the be 16:49 long” – at least they’ll take our minds off stressful Miss ‘Rona for 17 minutes

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“Bobby V vs Pleasure P” – be nice!

“Nobody said Bobby V ain’t have a few fire tracks… we saying nobody asked for no battle between him and Pleasure P.

That said Bobby V gonna win cause individually Pleasure P ain’t got nothing that can match ‘Slow Down’, ‘Tell Me’, and ‘Turn the Page’ – and there it is

“I am actually looking forward to this Pleasure P and Bobby V live” – WELP, we found one


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