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“Welcome to a full-size n***!”

Insecure HBO

Source: Photograph by Merie W. Wallace / HBO

Full stop, if you didn’t watch the premiere of “Insecure” season 4 then stop right now unless you want spoilers—and an introduction to a possibly pivotal character.

As previously reported the new season of Issa Rae’s HBO show started off with a bang—literally. Fans first caught up with Molly and Issa who spent self-care Sunday nourishing their higher selves with weed and yoga before Issa introduced us back into her bedroom.

Insecure HBO

Source: Photograph by Merie W. Wallace / HBO

There, she was humped huskily to sweaty smithereens by a big brother named Calvin who works at TSA and shall henceforth be called #TSABae. #TSABae proved to be just more than a f-buddy however, he later did double duty as a supportive security guard at her mixer.

According to Issa, Calvin’s character was inspired by a man with whom one of the Insecure writers used be involved.

“She just described what he looked like, and we were like, Oh, that’s it,” Rae said to Vanity Fair. “And thinking about it, when she mentioned that we were like, We’ve never had that representation on the show before [for Issa]. Like, duh, we should. That’s what it came down to.”

#TSABae has now come forward and his name’s Reggie Conquest.


Conquest is a West Philadelphia comedian who beat out “six other fat dudes” in the audition room who “looked alike.”  He also added that he was nervous before his big sex scene and instead of doing pushups to prepare, he admittedly hit the craft services table.

He tells BET:

I was super nervous. They would give me lines and then as I went on I got to ad-lib stuff and have more fun. Issa was so cool and she helped me a lot.

[…] Once they drop the robe you can’t prep for it. I didn’t do push-ups or anything. I had so much time to work on my body and work out, or try…I didn’t do ANYTHING. I was in my trailer just texting my friends back home and I’m like y’all are no help. You woulda thought I’dda went on a diet or something but I’m eating all the craft services stuff. It was bad.”

Conquest who called Calvin Issa’s “cheat meal” also added that he was indeed sweating during that scene which helped add to the authenticity. Score one for #SweatRagTwitter.

“While we were doing it, I was sweating a lot. I’m like legit sweating in the scene, so I ask the director [Kevin Bray] if I can wipe it off and he says no, keep it. And I’m like alright. After one cut Issa asked me “Is this your first role?” And I was like Yeah. And she said “Wow, you’re really going for it.” I was working, so when they say “Action,” in my mind we doing it right now.”


There’s lots to more unpack, like Conquest giving a shoutout to his fellow “full-size n***s” and adding that taking off his shirt for the scene gave him confidence especially considering that he usually wears a shirt in the pool.


You can read more of Reggie Conquest’s interview here.


What did YOU think about the season 4 premiere of Insecure??? Were you surprised to see Issa’s sex scene with #TSABae???


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