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Everyone’s still recovering from Quarantine Bey’s world-stopping surprise feature on Megan Thee Stallion’s smash hit “Savage” that overshadowed the crippling Corona crisis while extending the wildly popular TikTok dance craze and proving, yet again, that she’s the hottest rapper in her legendary marriage.

Whew, we needed this energy that pumped new life into the months-old track elevated by pearl clutch-worthy Bey bars, stunning reveals (BEY MIGHT START AN ONLYFANS??? DEMON TIME??) and hot girl adlibs that sent the whole entire BeyHive (and everyone else) into a buzzy TIZZY.

Peep the funniest, wildest and thirstiest reactions to Bey’s “Savage (Remix)” feature on the flip.

“Beyoncé throwing “okay” on the chorus to make the f*cking track go crazy” – the perfect addition to a weeeeksss-old song

“Me: “I’m sick of hearing Savage”

Beyoncé:” – only Bey could revive a viral dance craze after it flamed out

“Blue was like “You think you about to sit around this house and not work during this quarantine Miss Mamas?” – she’s easily the greatest 8-year-old alive

“When Beyonce onlyfans drop” – we’d blow all our stimulus money, no question

“beyonce when she was scrolling through onlyfans” – we’re 100% sure Bey has a burner account

“Oprah, please.” – Mother O has been dropping it low to Bey for years

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“Mama got a OnlyPans or something like that….I’ll show you” – Blue be knowin’

“Us: We tired of hearing Savage, ya’ll wore it out!

Beyoncé:” – Bey is so powerful

““you’re really gonna play it again?”

me:” – ladies, it’s your time to shine (in the house)

“Tik Tokers once they heard Beyoncé & Meg and Nicki & Doja dropped collabs” – there was a new “Savage” 15 minutes after the song dropped


“me listening to beyoncé on savage” – no one brings that inner bad bish out like Queen Bey

“🚨 Meghan & Beyonce giving us new music 🚨
🚨 Doja Cat & Nicki Minaj giving us new music 🚨

RIHANNA” – Rih could give less of a damn about music right now


“The Savage Remix was what I needed today. Thank you @theestallion @Beyonce” – it saved an otherwise unremarkable month

“It’s horny joke time” – protect Ms. Tina at all costs

“Me rapping both parts of #savageremix” – us too!

“FIXED IT* RIP Ms. Minnie” – RIP to Ms. Minnie the meme QUEEN

“Haaaaa!!!!!!!!! Savage definition ? Who taught you to be A Savage ?” – gotta love Ms. Tina!


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