Yo Gotti Shoots ANOTHER Shot At Forever Crush Angela Simmons

Love At First DM: Yo Gotti Shoots ANOTHER Half-Court Shot At Forever Crush Angela Simmons

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It’s been four (F O U R) years since Yo Gotti let the whole world know he’s crushing on wholesome Rap royal Angela Simmons in a classic did-he-really-just-say-that-out-loud?-moment that set the tone for several respectable yet unsuccessful attempts to win her heart.

Luckily for Gotti, we all want him to succeed on his tireless quest that continued when he commented “I think you’re perfect” on the above post in a bold half-court shot currently fueling swoons from the love-loving ladies across social media.

Peep the (hilarious) Twitter chatter over Yo Gotti shooting yet another shot at forever crush Angela Simmons on the flip.

“Angela Simmons needs to give my boy Yo Gotti a chance. The man keeps shooting and she keeps moving the rim” – she keeps moving her blessing and doesn’t even realize it

“Yo Gotti continuously shooting his shot at Angela Simmons unsuccessfully” – at least he hit the rim this time

“Yo Gotti look like a russet potato … leave Angela alone Sir” – now this was just uncalled for

“Angela Simmons anytime Yo Gotti expresses his love for her:” – she should be thrilled an upstanding trap gentleman like Gotti wants her

“the world gone end before angela simmons give yo gotti a chance” – we hope not!

“Women telling Angela Simmons to give Yo Gotti a chance be the same ones ignoring the ‘Yo Gotti’ of their lives and laughing at em in the group chat” – you hate to see it

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“Angela Simmons gave Bow Wow lame ass a chance but won’t give Gotti one” – life’s not fair at all

“Yo Gotti could be Angela Simmons ‘Russell’ but she still running behind Bowwow” – God answered her prayer and she doesn’t even lie

“If he don’t want me how Yo Gotti want Angela Simmons….I’m straightttt” – we felt this!


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