Funniest (And Pettiest) Tweets From Last Night's "Insecure" Shenanigans

Everybody Hates Molly: Funniest (And Pettiest) Tweets From Last Night’s “Insecure” Shenanigans

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Last night’s shenanigan-filled episode of “Insecure” finally delivered the long-awaited confrontation between toxic BFFs Molly & Issa that popped off during the block party in a genuinely befuddling moment that made everybody hate Molly even more.

It was yet another case of Molly Mollying at the worst possible time after discovering that Issa went through Andrew to book a replacement headliner WHO SHE REFUSED TO HELP BOOK.

Mmhmm, this was classic Molly who showed her true colors during the spicy argument where she talked down on Issa, claimed to regret not dropping her earlier and killed any of chance of reconciliation (for now) during the most entertaining episode of the season (so far).

Peep the Twitter hysteria over last night’s hella enjoyable “Insecure” episode on the flip.

“it was all good just a wobble ago” – we almost thought the BFF beef was over until it wasn’t

“Insecure writers after we tweeted about Issa and Molly making up during the wobble #InsecureHBO” – played with our emotions smh

“It’s always that ex boo at homecoming that be like this” – every single year, at every single school, never fails

“”Lawrence didn’t tell you that we broke up?”

What that shit got to do with you answering MY phone calls?! You 36.” – it was sooo childish

“@IssaRae and the writers of #InsecureHBO at 29:59 minutes every Sunday.” – EVERY WEEK

“Molly: Of course I showed up… I’m your best friend.

Also Molly: I should’ve dropped your lying ass a long time ago. You’re still the same selfish b*tch you’ve always been.


#InsecureHBO” – you and us, too. Literally everybody

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“Molly wouldn’t even know Andrew without Issa knowing Nathan #InsecureHBO” – DING DING DING

“Very fitting that Molly picked a day that Issa achieved something big to remind her of her past struggles & knock her down a peg #InsecureHBO” – very fitting, indeed

“I’m not saying Issa don’t be wrong sometimes but I’m just saying Molly be MORE wrong. #InsecureHBO” – wayyyy more wrong


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