The Most Toxic Tweets About Future And Lori Harvey

Proud Of You: The Pettiest, Most Toxic Lori Harvey x Future Tweets In Light Of His Latest Album

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Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

Future dropped his new album on Friday which was a culmination of a week of him being all up in the news. First, he went on a long Twitter thread about all his baby mommas that sparked all sorts of chaos. He also seemed to have some sort of meltdown on Twitter over the paternity test that revealed that he did in fact father a child with Eliza Reign after a long time of denying it.

Then he went on Twitter to say things about a woman belonging to the streets, which SOME thought was about some sort of breakup with Lori in light of the new baby revelations.

None of that seems to be true as Fewtch and Lori seem to be as strong as ever, sending each other IG comments of congrats while continuing their love fest. Twitter has been out here speculating all week and spreading its theories and it’s all be hilarious. Peep the funniest.

“Future adding Lori Harvey to his list of Baby Mothers:”

“Future and Lori Harvey reading our Tweets like :”

“Future: “She call me daddy cuz the money long like Stevie “

Lori Harvey:”

“Lori harvey and Future trying to decide who cheats first”

“Nahhhh. How is Lori Harvey with Future at her tender age with all these baby mums? Not one, not two but tousaaands. I couldn’t do it.”

“Future is tweeting “she belongs to the streets” while Lori Harvey is laying peacefully in his arms. Just focus on yourself papa”

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“On a serious note…. how does Lori Harvey date Future knowing he has a crèche full of kids Mark me absent!”

“Steve Harvey after seeing that Lori Harvey & Future might be done but remembers it won’t be long before she dates another rapper who could be more toxic.”

“Lori Harvey uniting all the females together after defeating future”


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