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2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show

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The Versuz battles have been the biggest newsmakers in the music industry right now as we all look for some music and something to entertain us.We’ve had all sorts of battles between legends like Babyface and Teddy Riley. T-Pain and Lil Jon gave us early 2000s classics. Erykah Badu and Jill Scott gave us soulful rejuvenating vibes of greatness. This past weekend we had Luda mopping the floor with Nelly.

We are all thirsty for the next week’s battle. Usher went on with Swizz this weekend to discuss potential opponents and matchups. The idea of Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj popped up and this happened:

Swizz – I see a lot of Lil Kim vs Nicki
Usher – Nah, Nicki is a product of Kim.
Swizz – You’re already trending on Twitter right now.

Uh oh. The Barbz were NOT pleased with Usher’s comments and they dragged him all through their online learning high school classes. Hit the flip to see it all.

Nicki and Usher in battle? Now we’ve moved past Kim like she’s nothing already?

“why y’all bringing up lil’ kim, leave her 9 stans alone. the real gag is that nicki would eat up usher on a hits battle.”

Of course Nicki helping Usher with a big hit is part of the gat.

“Usher wanna claim Nicki is a product of Kim…but who was he paying for features again? That’s wtf I thought”

Nicki fans have long discarded Kim as a viable legend that she is. Maybe the VErsuz will be closer than they think.

“Usher said nicki is a product of Kim like Nicki ain’t surpassed kims ass 10 times over and Kim can’t even rap no more. How can a product out do the original? No sequel to a amazing movie does well most times… so how can nicki be a product of another b****? Nicki is nicki”

Okay now this is ridiculous. The idea that Nicki would take on both of them? Get it together.

“Why does Nicki have more hits than you and Kim combined?

And there you have it. We think Nicki could have a good battle with Kim but Usher might be a bit much.

“Usher has 9 #1 billboard hot 100 solo Hits and 8 Grammys. How many does Nicki has? I will wait while you tell me.”

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Uhhhhh…Usher? Irrelevant? Are we serious right now?!

“Nicki minaj out here making usher relevant again. we love a queen that does charity work”

“The only thing Nicki and Kim had in common was colored wigs. Nicki never dressed like Kim (even when paying homage), Nicki literally raps like foxie, wayne, jay w/ a tiny splash of eminem & biggie. So the sound ain’t the same. So wtf was usher talking about.”

Usher is one of the legends in the game please respect him as such. Nicki’s ilk should know better, we don’t care how old they are.

“Usher only had 2 bops in the last 10 years and that’s because of NICKI MINAJ, SUMMER WALKER”

Facts. They are really trying to drag him to hell and he didn’t even do anything that bad.

“The Barbs rn to Usher for talking about Nicki”

“Look Nicki Minaj already acknowledged that Lil Kim was one of her inspirations a while ago BUT when will y’all realize that Nicki surpassed lil Kim In all ways?! Rapping. Fashion. BRANDING. AND usher got some nerve lol that’s why Chris brown better than him all around ”

“Lilkim has only 17 songs on billboard after 25 years in the industry.She is known for wigs.Nicki has 18 top ten hits with 109 entries only 12+ ys in. Whatever Usher is smoking is not good for the brain. The bitc* barely has 20 song entries but y’all wanna challenge her to Nicki?”

“Your song is a flop. If Nicki Minaj is a product of Lil Kim then why didn’t you ask Lil Kim to be on that one record? You wanted Nicki because You know that a Nicki feature brings in the sales and numbers. You know that if you went with Lil Kim that song will make no noise.”


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