Funniest Reactions To Molly The Mollyer Going Full Molly On Baecation

Hella Toxic: Funniest (And Pettiest) Reactions To Molly The Mollyer Going Full Molly On Baecation

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We’re creeping closer to the end of “Insecure” Season 4 that took a detour to focus on ex-BFFs Issa and Molly through separate solo episodes in the aftermath of their now infamous block party blowup that shook up the entire show dynamic.

Last week, we saw Issa’s post-block party shenanigans though her POV that shifted to Molly’s POV at the Ethiopian restaurant where she notices Issa scurrying away in a revealing moment that cemented their BFF breakup right before her Mexico baecation with Andrew.

And yes, it ends exactly like you knew it would while serving as yet another example of Molly Mollying at the worst possible time as the most hated character on TV (for now).

Peep the funniest (and pettiest) reactions to Molly’s toxic baecation on the flip.

“me waiting to see how molly fucks her life up tonight. #InsecureHBO” – took longer than usual then boom

“Molly really gonna bash this man’s homie and roommate straight to his face. Once again #InsecureHBO” – a weekly theme

“Issa on her way to the Ethiopian Restaurant and seeing Molly #InsecureHBO” – he-larry-us

“Molly really pulled out that lingerie and thought she was bringing heat #InsecureHBO” – poor lil tink tink

“Molly: You gon eat this ass…

Andrew: #InsecureHBO” – Andrew nassssssty

“Molly: You’re different.

Andrew: Different how?

Molly’s Brain: Cuz you be wit n*ggas #InsecureHBO” – like, duhhhhhhhh

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“How Andrew showed up to their baecation #InsecureHBO” – he was READYYYY

“Us: It looks like Issa is moving on with her life


#InsecureHBO” – you know it

“In a nutshell #InsecureHBO” – maaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnn


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