Shameik Moore Criticized For Comments On Black Lives Matter

“There Is Still Black On Black Violence”: Shameik Moore’s Soft Shoe Sentiments Are Getting Him Miles Morales Mollywhopped Across The Internet

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Shameik Moore has been one of the beloved actors we have. He played The Raekwon in the Wu Tang series but he also is the voice of Miles Morales. He could do no wrong.

However, in times like these when protests are raging across the country, there’s always one celebrity who puts his foot in his mouth. Today that celebrity is Shameik.

He went on a rant about Black people needing to listen to police and “BLACK ON BLACK CRIME” and…man.

WHY DO WE GIVE THEM THE ENERGY THEY WANT? Give them an inch they WILL take a mile….. We literally know this already. At what point do we look at ourselves and make adjustments?

No one asked for my opinion but it’s 2020 not 1945… meaning I’m more focused on black FUTURES than black history. I personally refuse to feel like a victim.. I refuse to have a slave mentality. I don’t not fear for my life because I know how to carry myself in tuff situations.

I’m pro LIFE… but I’m obviously black so don’t mis understand what I’m saying. Black lives shouldn’t be taken so heartlessly.

I just feel the solution is not to continue to handle the situation the way we’ve been handling it… there are no results… that is LITERALLY the definition of insanity.

He tried to even drop a video defending himself and that didn’t help at all.

Hit the flip to see the way he got manhandled on these here internets.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about. At the very least, I would encourage you to further educate yourself about urban poverty and the history of systemic racism and police violence in America before spreading more supremacist talking points to your considerable audience.”

“You need to go read several books because this is not your lane and you are embarrassing yourself.”

“Shameik Moore better stop playing before they replace him with Don Cheadle as Miles Morales”

“Miles Morales looking at Shameik Moore like”

“SHAMEik Moore said WE were the ones with “slave mentality” when he’s been tweeting “stop being rowdy! how can we make massa more comfortable so he dont whip us so hard” for the last hour lmao hilarious!”

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“So go talk to your friends and get off of the TL with your coonery. Read the room. Fuck the one video you saw. You know that’s not what we are outraged about right now.”

“Know the difference between a #JohnBoyega and a #ShameikMoore ladies and gentlemen”


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