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Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles, California - March 5, 2020

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Remember years ago before the pandemic, when the world was much simpler? Remember when we could solve rioting and racial unrest with a Pepsi? We don’t either. But remember Kendall Jenner certainly trying.

So here’sthe story: a few years ago Kendall Jenner had a Pepsi commercial that came out at the heart of racial unrest and Black Lives Matter movements shaking the country. The commercial depicted her solving everything by handing someone a Pepsi. It has become an iconic disaster in marketing and tone-deafness. Just…look.

Now as there are more protests and unrest, people are remembering how trash her commercial was and also dragging her for her meaningless response to everything happening in Minnesota.

Hit the flip and see it all playing out.

“I can’t believe Pepsi thought Kendall Jenner giving a cop a Pepsi would make them reconsider killing ppl Loudly crying face This commercial proved how privileged white ppl are. They think it’s up to them who gets to live and who doesn’t.”

“charli is 16 and understands how to use her platform to spread awareness and show her support, KENDALL JENNER IS 24 and used her platform to show her support with emojis. SPEAK UP. if u have this huge platform and want to spread awareness and show how much u care USE YOUR VOICE”

“Where’s Kendall Jenner with the Pepsi?”

“when we needed her most she disappeared Kendall Jenner”

“I bet this is how Kendall Jenner felt after giving the police officer a Pepsi and thinking she did something”

“Kendall Jenner need to stop what she doing & pass out some Pepsi right quick”

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“Kendall Jenner really thought she had one with that commercial. Really thought a Pepsi was the end to years of killing and racism.



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