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After contoured chocolate change-maker Jackie Aina used her platform to call out black profiting brands’ silence amidst the George Floyd murder, one such brand responded——in a pretty pitiful way.

Pretty Little Thing, the same brand that (*checks receipts*) donated at least $20,000 to Tory Lanez’ twerk competition, was called out by the beauty influencer alongside Fashion Nova and Revolve for being noticeably silent on social injustice issues.

According to Jackie, that’s absolutely not right and according to us, Jackie’s absolutely correct.

“As we know there are a lot of brands specifically brands who love capitalizing on black culture, black music, black aesthetic but are dead silent when it comes to talking about black issues and black struggles in our community,” said Aina in her Insta-story. “Y’all love hanging out with Ty Dolla $ign and Saweetie and the Blac Chynas but can y’all at least say something when black people are being brutally murdered by cops?!

“I wanna make one thing very clear, the reason why I’m calling out these brands specifically is because I noticed a certain aesthetic that they like, a particular vibe that they push on their socials. and I know black people dying isn’t aesthetically pleasing on the feed but I feel like it’s the least you can do.”

Unfortunately, right now—this is a big huge [thing]—it’s hard to ignore.”

She also noted that the brands could at least take a break from posting “tanned girls who blackfish” to donate to victims’ families and aligned causes. She also dragged the “I only date black guys club” for being silent.

It was truly beautiful to see especially from the mega-influencer who literally made TooFace expound their range of Born This Way foundations.

Jackie also reiterated on Twitter that ALL of these brands have paid her before but that doesn’t make them exempt from criticism.

One of the aforementioned brands has since spoken out in response to Jackie—and they truly missed the mark. YA HATE TO SEE IT.


Hit the flip.

Pretty Little Thing thought this was a great response to Ms. Jackie’s call. They thought wrong.

“We understand we have a duty of care to talk about topics other than just fashion and lifestyle news.

We send our thoughts and condolences to the families of those tragically and innocently killed and we will do all we can to support the fight against racism. We ask everyone to stand together in this time of need. Let’s fight together, not against each other.

Love The PLT Team x”

The since-deleted tone-deaf drivel also featured this image.

What is this jet black hand??? Where are the hashtags??? WHOM are you speaking off??? This is “all lives matter” adjacent.


By contrast, Fashion Nova has been in contact with Aina and they seem to be open to doing their part. Still, we will wait to see what they actually do.

“I cannot fix everything I really can’t, but we can’t deny that the brands I mentioned today are HUGELY influential. That’s why I chose to speak about them today. now I’m waiting to see if they will put their money where their mouths are. This is important to me,” said Aina on Twitter.

Just a note to brands such as PLT, make sure black lives matter just as much as black dollars. That is all.


See more of Jackie’s tweets and the reactions on the flip.

“Touching on @jackieaina’s IG convo, our black aesthetics is not a convenience especially when it comes to the hurt that we endure just for being black. Certain companies have responded w/ illustration images, what about donating to causes that help.”

Not everyone is into “begging brands to speak out” however. Some people think we should all just take notice of their silence.

“I’m gonna be honest, I’m not on the same page as the TL with this fashion nova/pretty little thing shit. They do not give a fuck and what do we gain from them pretending like they do”
Agree or disagree?

Jackie herself has donated to causes including LGBTQ+ organization Black Visions.

“it was explained pretty explicitly so I don’t get what you’re still not understanding. what is confusing about what I said? did you stop and think maybe I was proving a point? maybe it’s principle? they’re influential, extremely. I’d like to see what they can do.”
Jackie has responded to backlash about her using her influence to speak out.

“- no #BlackLivesMatter hashtag – BLACK hands don’t look like that – no sign of the petition – no donations towards the cause.”

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“Redesigned it for you guys because our skin color is not jet black. At least if you are going to post something, let it make sense.”

“Pretty Little Thing can be culturally aware when they send out an email that says ‘WHEWW CHILLEEE LOOK AT THESE PRICES, PERIODT” but gonna send this black ass hand??”

Someone else pointed out the laziness of the design.

“Prettylittlething PLT has deleted that mess, and rightfully so. That was what a majority of their customer base was worth. This stock photo, with colors added, lines on the knuckles and a basic font.”



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