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Last night’s swoon-worthy episode of “Insecure” (written by Natasha Rothwell) was absolutely stunning. The writing, lighting, cinematography and direction were simply amazing in the mesmerizing crowd-pleaser that finally gave us the Issa & Lawrence reconnection/love making session we’ve been anticipating for 2 whole seasons.

Whew, the feels and laughs and stunning shots of Black love in motion gave us a necessary escape (if only for a moment) from the ugly realities of racism, police brutality and state sanctioned violence against Black bodies currently fueling civil unrest across Amerikkka.

Oh, and, of course, Condola slithered back into the picture by blowing up Lawrence’s phone ALL NIGHT which set the tone for Sunday’s highly anticipated second-to-last episode of the classic season that continues to captivate Twitter.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Issa & Lawrence’s beautifully moisturized date night on the flip.

“Lawrence: Tonight made me happy
Issa: You make me happy #InsecureHBO

Me:” – you and the rest of us

“Me looking at Lawrence this entire episode #InsecureHBO” – our new fave granny

“Issa knew when she shut that lyft door she wasn’t returning #InsecureHBO” – sure did

“My face trying to read what Condola was texting Lawrence #InsecureHBO” – us too!

“Issa went to the bathroom to rinse that coochie off SHE AINT LOW #InsecureHBO” – Twitter is wild


Issa: “I told you I changed! You missing out.”

Lawrence: “Yeah?”

Me:” – we all lowered our spectacles

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“TSA bae is the n*gga you accidentally let beat cause you was lonely, now he won’t let it go cause he can’t believe you let him beat either” – so specific

“Conjugate waiting up all night for Lawrence while he gave Issa passion strokes” – poor thang

“Don’t y’all even think about getting back with an ex! Y’all better stop this stupid talk right now lmao” – TOO LATE

COME THROUGH DIRECTING. COME THROUGH ACTING. #InsecureHBO” – best episode of the series

““My bad. Fell asleep” – the good ‘ole faithful

“That was such a beautiful episode.” – gave us all the warmest fuzzies

“Brrrrrrrat! Brrrrrrrrrat!” – Hahahahahaha

“Not one sight of Molly & this was the best episode yet. Do the science. Hope that don’t go over y’all head.” – we peeped!


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