Was Condola Blowing Up Lawrence's Phone Because She's Pregnant?

Was Childish Condola Blowing Up Lawrence’s Phone Because She’s Pregnant?

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Everyone’s still heart-eyed over Lawrence and Issa’s dreamy date night that elevated the mesmerizing episode to classic status while fueling loud whispers surrounding Condola‘s reasons for popping back up and blowing up Lawrence’s phone the entire night.

With only 2 episodes left in Season 4, we can’t WAIT to see why childish Condola was so thirsty to link with ex-boo Lawrence who, after 2 whole seasons, finally reconnected with Issa in a beautiful moment that might be ruined by a potential pregnancy bomb in the next few weeks.

Peep the loud Twitter whispers over childish Condola’s potential pregnancy bomb on the flip.

“I hate to jump to this conclusion, but I think Condola might be pregnant….she’s a little too persistent in wanting to see Lawrence tonight” – we doubt the writers would go there but it’s quite the theory

“Condola next week” – noooooooooooooo

“If condola got pregnant I’m pulling up to Issarae house like #InsecureHBO” – save us a seat

“Everytime Condola calls or texts Lawrence #InsecureHBO” – SKRESSFUL

“I still think that some part of Issa had sex with Lawrence to get back at Condola. #InsecureHBO” – welllllll

“If Condola is pregnant and this turns into Melanie, Derwin and Janay 2.0 I’m going to be so pissed! #InsecureHBO” – we almost forget that messy moment

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“What if…Condola & Lawrence agreed that he should hit up Issa & get “closure” before they moved forward #InsecureHBO” – hmmm a bit reachy but hmmmmm

“I rebuke the idea of Condola Oil being pregnant. Not today, Satan. #InsecureHBO” – AMEN

“If condola pregnant … I’m done #InsecureHBO” – we can’t wait for Sunday!


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