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Everyone’s STILL swooning over Issa & Lawrence’s visually stunning date night episode with mesmerizing writing, lighting, cinematography and direction that gave us the warmest fuzzies when we needed them most.

Whew, the feels and laughs and stunning shots of Black love in motion gave us a necessary escape (if only for a moment) from the ugly realities of racism, police brutality and state sanctioned violence against Black bodies currently fueling civil unrest across Amerikkka.

Oh, and, of course, Condola slithered back into the picture by blowing up Lawrence’s phone ALL NIGHT which set the tone for Sunday’s highly anticipated second-to-last episode of the classic season that continues to captivate Twitter.

Peep MORE heart eye hysteria over Issa & Lawrence’s beautifully moisturized date night on the flip.

“Issa’s red framing Lawrence’s blue jacket. Lawrence’s blue framing Issa’s red jacket. For the first time in 4 years, we can finally see these two in a time and space where they are able to meet each other’s needs. Character development = everything #InsecureHBO” – STUNNING

“Lawrence- want me to take you home?

Issa – no I think I’ll walk

#InsecureHBO” – haaaaaaa

“Lawrence: “Tonight made me happy.”
Issa: “You make me happy.”
#InsecureHBO” – us, too!

“Issa and Lawrence breaking up to go better themselves, then linking back up to be Issa and Lawrence 2.0 #InsecureHBO” – life can be so beautiful

“Me watching Issa and Lawrence like #Insecure #InsecureHBO” – it was truly a moment

“Lawrence has all the wimmenz on the TL in a tizzy because we haven’t seen a man with a crisp haircut in months 😩 #InsecureHBO” – had the ladies opennnnnnn

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“Man I see why candola was so insecure about issa and Lawrence’s friendship. Imagine having that type of chemistry years after a bad break up. Whew
#InsecureHBO” – that level of chemistry is WHEW

“I know you saw that episode of #InsecureHBO Made me think about how I made you insecure, but if Lawrence can forgive Issa maybe you can forgive me. But, if not I understand and I wish you the best still” – this probably happened in real life

“Issa and Lawrence always had great banter #InsecureHBO” – we loved to see it


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