Celebrities With The Worst Comments About Protests And George Floyd

Even MORE Celebrities Who Sound Like F**** Idiots Talking About Black Lives Matter And George Floyd

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Trina on The Breakfast Club

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Well, this is what we wanted, wasn’t it? We wanted celebrities to speak up about social issues and this is the damn result. A lot of people really made themselves look like complete idiots over the past few days. We thought one list of these dumb dumbs would be enough but there’s enough for an ongoing list. SMH.

We sadly collected the clips, tweets, IG pages and everything else from celebrities who offered us absolutely nothing but head-scratching, head-shaking frustration-inducing nothingness. We don’t know if they got canceled but we know it’s going to be a long time before their stupidity is forgotten.

We hate to see it…

Trina – She really stepped out and looked like a whole fool by calling protesters animals and complaining about looking instead of police injustice.

Drew Brees – Drew Brees was asked about NFL players kneeling and he talked about the flag and slapped everyone in the face. Ugh.

Tiger Woods – He gave this really wack response that ended up praising police and making himself look like a chump.


Meghan McCain – She said that her block in NY was ravaged by protests and then she had to reveal that she wasn’t even there when she sent out that stupid a$$ tweet.

B. Simone – She talked down to protesters and said she’d never get canceled. Meanwhile her boss, Nick Cannon, is out there protesting. Whoops.

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Stephen A. Smith – He has been getting clowned and dragged for being with protesters and criticizing Kaepernick in the past year.

Gina Rodriguez – She tried to post about Black Lives Matter but got roasted for her past racism.

Lea Michele – She tried to also speak on Black Lives Matter and ended up getting dragged by cast mates who mentioned how trash she is to them.


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