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Kudos to Cameron Hamilton for speaking out amidst ongoing unrest in this country.

Celebrities Visit People TV - March 5, 2020

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Cameron of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” fame is married of course to a black woman, Lauren Speed, whose been adamantly speaking out about George Floyd’s murder.

Now it’s Cameron’s turn.

While other people of privilege are staying silent or just posting black boxes for solidarity, Cameron is speaking out specifically on the #BlackLivesMatterMovement and explaining to white people how to be an ally. Cameron is imploring white people to acknowledge their privilege and to admit that black lives matter instead of trying to counter with “all lives matter” statements.

“Things aren’t gonna change if we don’t change if we are not proactive,” said Cameron. “People need to admit that there is a problem in our country that black lives are not being valued the way that they should be. They’re not being valued as equal to ours, that black lives matter that you know we need to be the ones to make a change in our country.”

“We need to start asking ourselves, well, ‘What can we proactively do to make that change happen?’ he added. “I think one of the first things that we can do is accept that we have white privilege. I think it’s something that people white people get defensive about. You know no one wants to feel like that didn’t earn something but admitting that you have white privilege doesn’t mean that you don’t have challenges in your life it just means that your skin color is not a factor in determining what those challenges are so that’s one thing.
“The second is that we have to admit that black lives matter. I mean it’s a simple thing and for those who want to counter to say, ‘Well all lives matter yes, of course, all lives matter but black lives are the lives that are most at risk right now in our country and they have been for a very long time.”
He also succinctly shut down privileged people up in arms only about property damage done by looters instead of having concerns for black lives. According to Cameron, it’s up to white people to check other white people for their prejudices. 
“One thing that we can do is checking other white people when they say something that shows some prejudice and checking ourselves,” said Cameron. “You know I think one example of that is I saw a lot of people getting upset about the property damage that was happening during the protests. While property damage isn’t something that we want in society we should be far more upset about the loss of innocent life about a man being killed by strangulation. Brutal things like that should be far more upsetting to us, the loss of innocent life should be far more upsetting to us than property damage.”
Very nicely said, Cameron.
Cameron’s, OF COURSE, getting obliterated in his comments by angsty “All Lives Matter” Mayo-ists, but we appreciate the solidarity and we’re sure Lauren does too. Cameron’s own mother said in the comments section that she’s “proud of him.”
Do YOU think more white celebs should speak out in support of Black Lives Matter???


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