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After days of speculation over Kanye’s deafening silence amidst the country-wide protests for justice, the “canceled” MAGA minion quietly donated $2 million to the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in a commendable gesture that proved he’s not all the way gone YET.

Whether it was actually Kanye’s idea or Kris Jenner and Kimmy improving his image from the shadows, we don’t know, but, in this case, it doesn’t matter because the money went to a great cause at a spooky time for celebs who continue to ruin their own careers with offensive shenanigans.

Hit the flip for the Twitter chitter-chatter over Kanye’s $2 million donation to the movement on the flip.

““Why isn’t Kanye speaking?!” He was busy donating $2 million to the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, & George Floyd.

I know y’all embarrassed!” – no one’s embarrassed at all

“kris jenner after forging kanye’s name on that donation check” – no one works harder

“The Virgil Rankings so far:

1. Kanye West – 40,000 Virgils
2. The Weeknd – 10,000 Virgils
3. Drake – 2,000 Virgils
4. Virgil – 1 Virgil” – if Virgil thinks we’re going to forget about his lil donation, he’s dead wrong

Kris Jenner changing all of Kanye’s passwords a week ago:” – we don’t doubt it

“Every hater seeing Kanye West donate $2 Million:” – welp

“Kanye put his money where his mouth is whilst you lot were posting squares” – we probably wouldn’t be posting squares if we actually had millions to donate

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“uhhhhhh LMFAOOOOO?????” – his silence continues to be appreciated

“Kanye also made a separate donation to help cover the legal costs for Arbery and Taylor’s families as well.

He then set up a 529 education plan to fully cover college tuition for Gianna Floyd.

“Daddy changed the world.” – Now she can change the world” – we love to see it

“I’m very glad Kanye donated, seeing as how he bolstered the President who has now declared war on American citizens” – someone had to say it



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