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Just when we thought it was impossible to hate miserable Molly any more, she leveled-up into an even more insufferable villain by attempting to manipulate and gaslight Issa when the two finally linked up after their BFF breakup at the now infamous block party.

Naturally, Issa reached out to Molly to salvage what’s left of their toxic BFFship that certainly appears to be over after Molly accidentally texted Issa “See, I’m trying” instead of Andrew at game night in the Mollyest of all Molly moments thus far.

What really burned our grits, though, was Molly acting like she was doing Issa a favor by meeting up with her and expecting Issa to grovel at her feet when she said they don’t really fit as friends anymore.

Whew, the nerve of Molly who continues to waste money in therapy while slowly destroying all of her relationships as the most dragged character on TV right now.

Peep the funniest (and pettiest) tweets from last night’s spicy “Insecure” episode.

“Nathan: *talks sh*t about lawrence* #InsecureHBO

Issa:” – issa definitely went up for her, uh, not-quite-bae Lawrence

“Molly: “Our friendship doesn’t work anymore”
Issa: “Ok”
Molly: #InsecureHBO” – thee unmitigated gall of Molly

“Molly deadass told Issa that “Successful you doesn’t align with my brand” #InsecureHBO” – if you didn’t hate her a few weeks ago, you definitely hate her now

“Nathan: talks sh*t about Lawrence


#InsecureHBO” – Issa was ready to go to war about her boo

Haaaaaa Nathan was SICK

“Nathan when Issa mentioned Lawrence” – he was soooooo salty

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“Andrew everytime Molly enters the room #InsecureHBO” – hopefully we’ll find out why in the finale

“LMAO I’M SORRY BUT PLEASE GET ME OFF THIS DAMN FLOOR! #InsecureHBO” – Molly is sooooo shady

“Issa simply saying “okay” and not feeding into Molly’s desires for her to grovel for her forgiveness and friendship #InsecureHBO” – we were proud of Issa

“Molly’s therapist suggested she has to put in effort to fix their friendship

Molly’s boyfriend suggested she has to put in effort to fix their friendship

ISSA telling Molly she has to put in effort to fix their friendship

Molly ignoring ALL of this: #InsecureHBO” – we’re sick of it!

“Not ONE tweet I’ve seen is in favor of Molly. So we’ve all come to our senses then? #InsecureHBO” – should’ve been come to your senses on Molly

“So many teeth on the set” – soooo many but at least they’re pretty

“Tonight’s episode was directed by Kerry Washington and not one lip quiver was present #InsecureHBO” – not a 1!

“Texting the person you’re talking about by accident is a top 5 fear” – this thread!


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