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We don’t know what rock some people have lived under for the past few years but Jay Ellis has been happily married to his vanilla queen Nina Senicar who recently had a baby girl amidst all the global chaos.

Whyyyy this is news to so many “Insecure” fans with internet access NOW, in 2020, we have no Black a$$ idea, but it’s blown up across social media as if Jay was keeping it a secret which he clearly wasn’t.

Like, not even a little bit but at least we’re all (hopefully) on the same page now and can continue supporting Jay (who isn’t problematic at all and supports the Black Lives Matter movement) as he competes against Nathan for Issa’s heart on Sunday’s highly anticipated “Insecure” finale.

Peep the loud (and LATE) Twitter hysteria over Jay Ellis’ vanilla queen Nina Senicar.

“Ladies finding out that Lawrence is dating a white woman…We been knew.” – just loud and YEARSSS late

“i was today years old when i found out jay ellis was with a white girl and now…………..” – you and half of Twitter

“Jay Ellis wasting that stroke game on a snow bunny in real life? What a waste…” – pettyyyyyyy

“But Jay Ellis goes home to a white girl after finishing up this hella Black show. Soooooooo yea annoyed” – this just means he’s a great actor

The fact that so many of our readers just caught this after multiple stories is hilarious

“Lol my brothers are all Jay Ellis. Shout #BlackLivesMatter then go home to their white neighborhoods and white wives.” – at least they’re shouting Black Lives Matter

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“Jay Ellis is so beautiful yet he married a white woman smh what a waste. Went from a solid 9.5 to a 6” – damnnnn that’s a steep fall

“*sends with invisible ink* Lawrence has a baby with a white woman in real life” – “Insecure” fans will get over it by Sunday

“Guys it’s not news to me that Jay Ellis’ first fiance/wife is white. My concern is becoming the second wife okurr?! Tysm for playing” – now we’re cooking


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