Here's What Happened After Fabolous & Emily B's Pregnancy Announcement

Here’s What Happened After Fabolous & Emily B’s Pregnancy Announcement

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By now, you’ve probably heard that Fabolous and his, uh, forever wife Emily B are expecting a baby girl after seemingly rebuilding (and rebranding) their toxic marriage in the aftermath of an unfortunate series of events between the two that continue to linger on social media.

The trendy punchline rapper revealed Emily’s pregnancy while showing love to his family on Father’s Day in a warm and fuzzy that set off loud chitter-chatter across Twitter.

At this point, Fab should be used to the loud whispers, spicy speculation and slander that, once again, flared up during the obsessed over couple’s big moment.

Hit the flip for all the hilarious tweets/memes that got us through the week.

“Emily B pregnant for Fab AGAIN?!” – someone’s not minding their business

“There was a post about Fab and Emily B expecting a baby girl and someone in the comments said said “Her and the baby going to be teething at the same time” – petttttttyyyyyyy

“Awwww Fab & Emily expecting a girl… knocked out teeth & all thats why u gotta stay outta ppl relationship business let them kill each other” – it is what it is

“Imma keep my thoughts on Emily B and Fabolous relationship to myself. You all should do the same” – and that’s that on that

“Emily still letting Fabolous knock her up? Whew chile” – if Emily likes it, we love it

“Why are people congratulating this toxic/ abusive relationship btw #fabolous & Emily B?!” – listen, we’re just reporting the news

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“When Emily decided to stay with Fabolous that’s the day yall should’ve started minding y’all business lol” – this seems to be the consensus

“Fabolous told the world Emily was the help ! Knocked her teeth out, cheated on her while she was pregnant and she stayed and is pregnant again. That’s some…. resilience” – that’s one way to put it

“Y’all also keep mentioning they gender of Emily and Fab’s baby as if male children don’t also experience negative consequences as a result of being exposed to intimate partner violence in the home.” – a word



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