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We’re only 2 episodes into the final season of “Greenleaf” and things are already swerving left for the messiest church folk on TV who just can’t quit the MESS that continues to slither into every aspect of their scandal-plagued family.

If you’ve been watching since Season 1, you know these two things are true: Charity and Korissa are the absolute WORST with an extremely slim chance of redemption as the popular series comes to an end.

We also have a potential wig-snatcher involving Grace and her son AJ (who miiiight not actually be her son), Jacob’s inevitable divorce from his insufferable wife who’s he’s hated for 4.2 seasons and Bishop’s declining health.

Whew chiiiile, and this only the beginning so you might as well strap down your wigs and get comfortable.

Peep the funniest (and messiest) reactions to last night’s “Greenleaf” episode on the flip.

“Me whenever Charity start talking or singing #Greenleaf” – soooo aggravating

“Lady Mae gives the best insults.

“If I’d had my way, you’d be sitting under a tree in Potter’s field w a dunce cap on reading a story of your favorite bible character. JUDAS.” #Greenleaf #greenleafown” – the Blackest, most auntiest auntie in recent TV history

“*Charity opens her mouth to say anything*

Immediately me:

#GreenLeaf” – immediately us, too

“Oooooooh somebody needs to put hands on Kerissa #Greenleaf” – we don’t condone violence on fictional characters but…

“Me watching Charity cry #Greenleaf” – at this point, we’re all numb to it

“And Ms. Chlamydia can go to hell. Like girl you and this will are getting on MY LAST nerve! #Greenleaf” – OUR VERY LAST AVAILABLE NERVE

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“Charity has the nerve to be crying after she threw her entire family under the bus for a man and a title. #Greenleaf” – thee unmitigated gall

“Grace when she gets that paternity test and finds out that ain’t the real AJ #Greenleaf” – the writing is on the wall

“Karissa thought Jacob was gonna fight for their marriage & the divorce. She so pissed!!! #Greenleaf” – she should’ve known better



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