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NASCAR Cup Series 62nd Annual Daytona 500 - Media Day

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Nascar’s Bubba Wallace is the only driver of color in the entire sport, and because of that, he has been catching heat from racists for weeks on end. The reason for this slander is because of a noose found hanging in his garage before the Talladega 500 race. The incident lead to an FBI investigation, which somehow ended with it being confirmed as a noose, but a dispute over when and why it was actually there. For some reason, the manipulation of the topic has people mad at Bubba, who wasn’t even the person who reported it.

After the Black Lives Matter protests began happening around the world, other Nascar drivers started supporting Bubba amid him being a vocal voice for Black Live Matter within Nascar. Bubba even debuted a Black Lives Matter car amid the confederate flag being banned from the sport’s events.

But of course, the noose manipulation was all racists needed to begin blaming Bubba and calling the whole story a “hoax.” To make things even worse, today, Trump decided to tweet and ask if Bubba had apologized for the hoax, even though, again, he wasn’t the one to report it. Bubba responded to the slander in the most classy way possible.

Bubba addresses all his of fans and the kids looking up to him by letting them know people will always try you. He goes on to explain the reason for that is to try and distract you, also reminding his audience to stay focused. His response gained respect from fellow athletes like LeBron James along with many others.

It’s almost November, and hopefully, this bad leadership in the White House ends so we can stop seeing absurd headlines like this.


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