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Erykah Badu

Source: Judy Eddy/ / WENN

Erykah Badu is rightfully reminding folks to put some respect on her absolutely enchanting ankh. A social media meme recently surfaced comparing Erykah and August Alsina’s alleged partner Jada Pinkett-Smith captioned;

“If ‘This p**** will f**** yo life Up’ was a person.”

Erykah clearly caught wind of it and retweeted it wondering how she got pulled into the hoopla while she ticked off alllllll things her legendary “Badu box” can make someone do. She also noted that her soldout vagina scented incense will be restocked on Friday.

“How I get in it? I got Midas p***y. My p***y give you 3 wishes. My p****y put you on the Forbes list. My p***y is the fountain of youth. My p***y sold out in 9 minutes. My p***y cure ailments. My p****y Bk on sale FRIDAY!! Y’all trippin. Google me!”


If you’re curious, Erykah previously revealed the Recipu$$y for her pleasingly aromatic ankh; raw cranberries that “make her vagina smell like strawberries.” 

“Ladies … For a SWEET vagina, I drink raw cranberries often, wrote Badu on Twitter in 2014. “Now the secrets out. (Reluctantly) Also promotes healthy, strong WOMB & bladder. My vagina smells like strawberries.”

*clicks pen*

It’s no secret that Erykah’s Badu box has been rumored to change lives.

Her baby’s father Andre 3000 previously denied that her…ahem, holy grail changed him.

“It’s funny, the parallels [to me]. People like to joke about [his former girlfriend] Erykah Badu, the mother of my child: “Oh, you completely changed,” he told The NY Times.”I was on my path before I even met Erykah. But one thing I can say. I’m singing around the house, and Erykah’s like: “That sounds great. Why you not doing it?”

Her ex Common had similar sentiments but said that the legend of the Badu Box is absolutely real.

 “Yeah, the ‘Badu Box’ is real,” said Common on The Combat Jack Show. “It can take you to another universe. But seriously that’s when you meet somebody that’s real special and you’re like, ‘Man, this woman got… she got something else man.’ It ain’t just the sex. It ain’t just the looks. It’s like something that’s kind of like spirit-wise where you’re like, ‘This woman got something else.’”[…]

Still, he added that he had a choice when it came to his crotchet pant wearing ways while they dated.

“She definitely was not like, ‘wear this,’” said Common. “Moving to New York I had the aspirations to do something new, to change, to grow, just try new things. She definitely was an influence…– it was my choice to say, ‘I want to do this. I want to do that.’”

Somethin’ bout that Badu, she gets ’em every time.

Erykah Badu

Source: Judy Eddy/ / WENN


Will YOU be buying the restock of Erykah Badu’s box incense???



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