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50 Cent has been enjoying the drama between Will Smith, Jada Pinkett and August Alsina. As you know, August went public with a relationship he had with Jada a few years ago. She followed up by going on the Red Table to admit it was all true, that she and August had an “entanglement” during a break with Will. In actuality, it was a full-on relationship.

The ultimate troll, 50 Cent, has jumped in the mix to offer his comedy any way possible. First with this:

Then he posted this conversation between the two on IG:

50 Cent: Yo Will you alright over there?

Will: Yes I’m cool, I appreciate your concern my brother.

50 Cent: But why she tell you that s*** on a show for everyone to see?

Will: We broke up so she did her and I did me

50 Cent: Then SHE said only she can give permission for someone to blow her back out

Will: F*** you 50

Now, is the image real?

Probably not. There’s a good chance this is some photoshopped chicanery on behalf of 50 Cent. So again, we repeat: this is probably a photoshopped, not real image that is totally fake, Fugazi, unreal, made up, pretend, play play, sike your mind, prank image.

Still, the internet exploded over all of this.

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“Will smith after texting 50 cent”

“50 Cent coming for black women and then making a mockery of Will Smith is a testament that most of these self-hating negroes truly don’t see themselves as valuable, and that’s where the hate comes from. When a mans own son doesn’t even like him, that says a lot.”

“If the conversation between 50 Cent and Will Smith was a video”

Seriously though…what was even the point of all that?

“Who would have thought Will Smith gonna be the one to fire that tenth bullet at 50 Cent.”

“Any comedian or artist that makes fun of Will Smith during this situation are pieces of [s***]. It’s always the ignorant ones that always kick a black man when he’s down.


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“Only in 2020 could this whole Will Smith & Jada thing come out, but then 50 cent adding his input? What even is reality anymore. “


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