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We’re only 4 episodes into the FINAL season of “Greenleaf” and things are already setting up for a heart-stopping conclusion that will leave us all clutching our imaginary pearls while gasping for air in the living room.

So far, we’ve seen Grace do everything (and more) to connect with her new-found son A.J. (who revealed he’s living with HIV) while attempting to conspire with doofy Charity to snatch Calvary back from Harmony & Hope’s slimy clutches.

There’s also Jacob and Kerissa’s bitter divorce saga that swerved even more left when she tried to blackmail him with potentially catastrophic information (in the form of a will) that could strip the Greenleaf’s of their lavish estate.

But wait, there’s more: Jacob pressed his father about that damaging information after visiting Darryl James’ other less scammy daughter who decided, after seemingly clearing things up with Bishop, to discuss her potential right to the Greenleaf estate.

Oh yes, things are heating up and Twitter, as you’ll see, was ABLAZE last night.

Peep the funniest (and messiest) tweets from last night’s “Greenleaf” episode on the flip.

“Lady Mae visiting New Revelations next week #Greenleaf” – we can’t wait for the theatrics

“Lady Mae pulling up on Kerissa .. #Greenleaf” – this scene was gold

“#Greenleaf Karissa: “Can someone please explain”?

Lady Mae:” – she wasn’t having it!

“#Greenleaf Jacob was in all of those “Entanglements”?!” – sooo messsssssy

“Jacob’s wife be talking mad greasy to the people who let her live in their house. #GreenLeaf” – he stays doing a lil too much

“Grace I know he grown but he need to be slapped… No disrespect allowed #Greenleaf Talking about sum “ Shut up about it” 😒 Shut what up” – we don’t condone violence but…

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“That man said strike 3… #Greenleaf” – haaaaaaaaaa

“Not Judee begging to GIVE Phil head #Greenleaf” – *sad trombone*

“I don’t want Kerissa gone because she cheated on Jacob. I want her gone because she’s been TRASH for 5 seasons. #Greenleaf #GreenleafOwn” – we felt this

Why is Charity lying?!?! #Greenleaf” – no shocker there

“I don’t think Baisey is dead…
Something about this isn’t sitting right with my spirit #Greenleaf” – we don’t think so either


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