10 Burning Questions From Netflix Stalker Thriller "Fatal Affair"

10 Burning Questions From Netflix Stalker Thriller “Fatal Affair”

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By now, you’ve either watched “Fatal Affair” or seen the hilariously petty memes from the spicy stalker thriller that reigned as the #1 movie on Netflix the entire weekend.

The film follows Ellie (Nia Long) who tries to mend her lifeless marriage with husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) after a brief encounter with an old friend David (Omar Epps) only to find out that David is more dangerous, stalkerish and murder-y than she’d realized.

This comes 20 years after Omar Epps and Nia Long starred together in 1999’s “In Too Deep” that paved the way for their long-awaited reunion in this twisty-turny thriller that sent the whole entire internet into a TIZZY.

Hit the flip for all our burning questions about spicy stalker thriller “Fatal Affair.” (*WARNING* SPOILERS AHEAD).

1. How did NO ONE (NOT ONE PERSON) on set or at NETFLIX notice that Nia Long’s phone was upside down in this scene??

2. The DMV photo clerk was like “yep, hold your head right there annnnd you’re done” without alerting the authorities? There’s nothing call the cops-y at all about this?

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3. Ellie has at least THREE opportunities to kill David and misses them all. Why didn’t she keep stabbing him after the first and second stabs??

4. A) The gun… why doesn’t she take the gun from the dead cop?

B) why does she grab the item that ISN’T the gun instead of the gun?


6. We promise we’re not being shady and LOVE Estelle but why is she and that wig in this movie? What was the thought process?

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7. What kind of professional tech expert/hacker has a guessable password??

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8. A tech genius doesn’t have a screen lock on his phone or an impossibly guessable password on his laptop??

9. Ellie’s BFF Courtney trusts a man she’s only known 3-5 business days over her friend of YEARSSS? WHAT?

10. Ellie sleeps without a scarf or bonnet or silky hair covering? A GROWN BLACK WOMAN??


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