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It didn’t take long for Meek to get caught up in some Nicki-related drama stemming from his comment underneath a tweet from social media personality Justin Laboy that said: “Y’all got 1 time to share Nicki pregnancy picture on your story or timeline and you getting blocked. She don’t know you & she didn’t post you when you were pregnant.”

Whyyy the messy fingered rapper even bothered to comment just hours after Nicki’s larger-than-life pregnancy announcement, we may never know, but he played into the hands of the Barbz who immediately re-dragged him to Hell.

Now, you could say Meek was simply responding to a tweet without any shady intentions but it’s hard giving him the benefit of the doubt after A) his spicy confrontation with Nicki’s husband Kenneth at an L.A. clothing store earlier this year and B) him liking an Instagram meme shading Kenneth’s Jimmy Jazzy fashions.

So, now we’re here with Meek (who recently had a baby with his new boo Milan) being dragged yet again on Nicki’s big day.

Peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over Meek’s reaction to Nicki’s pregnancy on the flip.

First, this happened…

Naturally, Meek’s comment set off YET ANOTHER round of Barb bullying

Meek seemingly responds to the hysteria over his comment…

“You got people following you and every move you make …judging and complaining about every move you make on their socials … what is that? Get inside your own body a lil more and chill” – Meek should seriously consider taking a break from social media

“If your ever looking for Meek Mill, find some women’s business, he’ll be there.” – this…might be true

“meek mill is a grown man and yet still so childish. so obsessed with nicki, i swear.” – this video tho

“Meek reacting to Nicki being pregnant is the exact clownery I expected. I don’t know how Milano hasn’t beat his a** by now” – that’s real love

“Milano: You better not be in there crying over Nicki again…

Meek Mill:” – pettttyyyyyyy

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“I would knock Meek’s head off his shoulders if I was Milano. He is embarrassing” – if she likes it, we love it

“Imagine. Meek has a whole child to raise with another woman but is still bothering Nicki?????” – it certainly appears so

“I see that meek is trending along with nicki” – no shocker here


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