Gloria Bambo found hanged in white roommate Texas garage in alleged suicide

What’s REALLY Going On?! 20-Year-Old Black Woman Gloria Bambo Found Hanged In White Roommate’s Texas Garage, Cops Say “Suicide”

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Black people are NOT immune to suicide. Recently, we saw Tamar Braxton rushed to the hospital after an alleged attempt to end her life. Thousands, if not millions, of brothas and sistas have struggled with mental health and some of them have succumbed to that battle. If you’re feeling hopeless, depressed, or inexplicably sad, then we beg of you to seek professional help. Your life has value and you make us rich.

With that said, it’s difficult to comprehend a Black person hanging themselves as a form of suicide. We’re not saying it doesn’t or can’t happen, but that particular form of death has such a fraught history with our people that its difficult to imagine employing such a method as a means of self-harm.

That is the context through which many in our community are viewing the story of McKinney, Texas resident Gloria Bambo and many others in a recent rash of Black hangings. According to The Grio, the Black 20-year-old was found hanged in the garage at her white roommate’s home. Young Black woman, hanged, inside a white man’s house, in Texas, can you see why skepticism would be in play here?

The cops have ruled Gloria’s death a suicide and they seem ready to keep it movin’. Despite the general lack of reporting on this suspicious death, the social media FBI is ALWAYS on the case.

The pressure finally ratcheted up to the point where the McKinney Police Department had to address the issue via their Facebook page:

We’re going to be watching this space. Word to Rachel Maddow. Rest in peace, Gloria Bambo



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