Chris Brown Suggests He'd Beat USHER In A Verzuz Battle, Shatters Twitter

Chris Brown Suggests He’d Beat USHER In A Verzuz Battle, Gets Front-Flipped Into The Crackish Abyss

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As of right now, at this very moment, Chris Brown isn’t going hit-for-hit with thee Usher Raymond in a fan-hyped Verzuz battle that would pair two of our biggest R&B stars for a classic night of falsettos and f-boy front-flips.

The general consensus is that living legend Usher would wash Chris with his nearly flawless golden era catalog that includes untouchable Diamond album Confessions that sold over 10 million copies worldwide and influenced an entire generation of singers/performers. However, Breezy’s catalog isn’t anything to scoff at either. Over the years we’ve seen the Indigo singer churn out classic hits like “Look At Me Now” and “Yo (Excuse Me Miss).” Breezy’s also gearing up to release his 10th studio album. 

Some celebrities have chimed in on the debate too.  Back in May, during an instagram live broadcast with Verzuz co-founder Swizz Beats, Busta Rhymes said he was waiting to see the singers go head to head.


“Listen, Usher and Chris Brown got to be it man. That’s it,” Busta added, “You asking my opinion. I’m giving it to you, big bro. I don’t want to see no Usher and Justin Timberlake. I want to see Usher and Chris Brown.”

Naturally, after all the hype, Chris responded on the gram by saying his only competition is CHRIS BROWN vs. CHRIS BREEZY and ‘humbly’ declined the intriguing R&Battle that we’re not even sure was being seriously considered by Verzuz.  If the singers face off though, it would be monumental for sure.

Either way, Twitter exploded with hilariously messy Chris Brown slander that made the “declined” battle that much more enticing.

Peep the Twitter hysteria over Chris Brown “humbly” declining a battle against Usher on the flip.

“If you put Chris Brown over Usher you probably got roaches in your car” – *HOWLS*

“Chris Brown really gone say “i’ll politely decline” like that aint in his best interest LMFAOOOOOOOO” – Twitter is ruthless

“Y’all sitting on the TL in broad daylight, in front of God and everybody, and saying that once Usher plays Superstar in a Versuz battle Chris Brown could win by playing Fine China. This is an example of how No Child Left Behind failed the youth.” – it’s the ‘in broad daylight, in front of God and everybody’ for us

“hey Chris YOUR SH*T DOES STINK. So we HUMBLY DONT WANT YO CRUSTY A** ON VERZUZ ANYWAYS *plays the Confessions album that destroys any discography Chris brown had, has & will go on having*” – CRUSTY

“Anyone who thinks Chris Brown is touching Usher is smoking crack” – this clip tho

“Chris Brown talking about he’ll only do a verzuz if it’s Chris Brown vs Chris Breezy cuz his only competition is himself” – stopppppp it Chris

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“Ppl are actually on Jesus D’Anthony Christ’s internet saying Chris Brown beating Thee Usher Raymond in a Verzuz Battle. This is what I have to say to them.” – CLASSIC

“Chris Brown “humbly” declining a battle he was.. gonna lose?” – maaaaaannnnnnnn

“Chris Brown has released the same song 113 times since 2011 he couldn’t lace usher’s shoes” – pettttttyyyyyyy

“And Usher Raymond’s microphone is ALWAYS ON.” – Oop!

“Chris Brown should have one vote, his momma. Even he knows better. This is blasphemy. #VERZUZ” – this vote is a liiil lopsided


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