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Someone wants a piece of NeNe Leakes…

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Although her RHOA fate remains unclear, NeNe Leakes is still making headlines. As previously reported there are a number of conflicting reports about NeNe’s future on the Bravo show. Rumors circulated that she was fired but both NeNe and her attorney said that’s untrue added that NeNe “could be getting a spinoff.”

That’s highly unlikely according to LoveBScott who recently doubled down on the fired rumors and said this season will be her “farewell” to the show.

Now PageSix is confirming that NeNe’s return to the show still remains up in the air. The publication says an insider old them conversations “are still ongoing” even as NeNe continues to post disgruntled tweets like one she shared on Friday that said; “Have you ever worked with a sociopath who used you for their personal gain to achieve what they want for themselves?”


It’s unclear who NeNe’s addressing in the tweets as rumors circulate that she’s actually preparing to sue Bravo and RHOA producers at True ENT for discrimination.

One thing that IS clear, however, is that an RHOA newbie already wants smoke with the RHOA O.G.

LaToya Ali who will join season 13 of the show alongside Drew Sidora, called out NeNe on Twitter for her “lacking empathy” tweet and said that NeNe herself lacks that trait.

“Nene, you lack empathy for black women,” wrote LaToya. “As a result of your ‘diva’ behavior my aunt lost her contract in Toronto because of your comments towards black women, leaving a black woman’s job in jeopardy. Remember when you appeared on the shopping channel?”


NeNe (of course) caught wind of LaToya’s shade and she (of course) clapped back.

Hit the flip to see how the whole thing transpired.

After LaToya threw that shade at NeNe, an alleged former employee of Canada’s The Shopping Channel hopped in the comments to shut the Canadian YouTuber down. According to the woman, LaToya’s Aunt acted unprofessionally around NeNe and THAT’s why she was let go.

“That’s incorrect Latoya. Your aunt lost her contract because she came in on a date she wasn’t scheduled as a guest and waited outside of Nene’s dressing room for most of the day, essentially stalking her,” wrote the woman on social media.

“Then she came and borrowed clothing from the collection to wear and take pictures with Nene,” she explained. “She wasn’t authorized to do any of that and technically shouldn’t have even been in the building at all. I worked for the network at the time and was Styling that show.”

You aunt acted unprofessionally period. Don’t put out false information. I have respect for you, but that’s not what happened at all.”


If you’re curious about who LaToya’s Aunt is, she’s a Canadian reality TV star named Auntie Jillian.

NeNe retweeted the woman who shut down LaToya and thanked her “Canadian peeps” for speaking out. She also plugged two new shows; Ladies Of Success Miami and The Women Entrepreneur Factory.


Would YOU watch RHOA without NeNe Leakes??? Do YOU believe that she got LaToaya Ali’s aunt fired???

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