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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 12

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Last time we saw NeNe Leakes she was getting read for filth by Kandi on the virtual finale of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. They came to social distancing blows over shady social media posts and Kandi went toe to toe with NeNe, getting the upper hand. NeNe took it on the chin until she couldn’t any more and she left in the middle of the reunion.

Now it looks like it’s possible NeNe could be gone for good.

NeNe told People she’s on the fence about returning ever at all:

“I don’t know. I just don’t know,” NeNe confesses. “I go back and forth with it every day. I feel like it’s a big conversation I need to have with the network and with production. Because if they value their talent in some sort of way, then we need to talk. We need to come up with some sort of compromise here.”

“This time, being quarantined [amid the coronavirus pandemic] has really made me appreciate a lot of things about my life anyway,” she adds. “I keep saying to people, ‘I want my life back.’ I can’t have these girls fighting with me on TV for no reason anymore. I’ve got to move forward. And if that’s all you want from me, I have to move on and I got to go. Me and my wig got to leave, honey.”

The internet is pretty fed up with the idea of NeNe and her shenanigans, even claiming that she is playing the victim.

The receipts are in and everything. Hit the flip to see the chaos and the way NeNe is getting dragged.

“‘Kandi is only dragging Nene like this because it’s a virtual reunion’ they said”

“Finally watching the 2nd episode of RHOA reunion. Nene sounds like she got her reads from Andrew Caldwell”

“Nene gotta be fired! There’s no way that girl still have a job after this Carole got fired for basically telling Andy to f*** off…This is the same thing”

“I got about a 1/3rd thru #RHOA season and stopped watching because it’s clear NeNe & Kenya are BOTH deeply unhappy individuals. What are we championing, their continued toxicity, misery & dysfunction? I won’t be party to that, they need to work on their mental health.”

“Why does nene run from situations when ppl ask specifics? #RHOA like legit just starts yelling and won’t answer the question lol. It’s sad.”

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“Nene talks about Kandi the way Trump talks about Obama… the obsession is scary”

“Nnnn at Nene stuttering after Kandi told her she does indeed run from fights.”

“Now NeNe girl…’s the reunion. Plus you made it clear that you were coming after everybody beforehand. You should’ve know they were going to come for you hard sis”


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