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Tahiry & Vado

Source: WeTV / Youtube

If you’ve been watching Marriage Boot Camp this season then you know that Tahiry and Vado have had quite the tumultuous relationship. A few weeks ago, a viral clip showed Tahiry calling Vado the “brokest man she’s ever been with”. They’ve been teetering on the verge of breakup ever since. However, no one was ready for this.

Late Wednesday night, Dr. Ish Major, the mediator on the show, posted a disturbing clip of Vado putting his hands on Tahiry, appearing to either grab her collar or put his hands on her neck. Major posted the video with this caption:

“This is not ok y’all! Never. Ever. I couldn’t believe it happened. Everybody froze. We’re going to do everything we can to make it right”

Now, we are not going to post the actual video because it is a clip of domestic violence, which we absolutely do not condone. We, along with a lot of other people, are wondering why even the mediator decided to post the clip as a form of promotion for the episode. Why not just…cut it out? Why even have it in the show at all? This isn’t entertainment, nor is it funny.

Tahiry posted this response to the fiasco via Instagram:

“First let me say that I’m devastated that this will be shown for the world to see, but I fully understand that I have chosen to live my life (good… bad… and ugly) in front of the camera.

Let me be CLEAR for all the people that are saying that this was “scripted” it is NOT! As a woman that has already suffered physical abuse at the hands of a man why would I ever want to relive that? There is no check big enough for me to EVER play like that!

I appreciate the love & support that I’ve been receiving since this clip was released online. I ask for just a moment of privacy as I figure out the best way to address this publicly in full detail.”

This is all bad. Bad on Vado. Bad on WeTV. Bad on the men who sat around and did nothing.

After the shocking incident, Vado went on Twitter last night to apologize to viewers for his explosive behavior. But was it really sincere? Seems like he’s trying to place the blame on Tahiry.

Check out what he had to say:

Twitter lit up in fury after the show and went in on Vado for his abusive behavior. There is righteous outrage about all of this. Hit the flip to see it all.


“Ish Major posting that clip Vado and Tahiry for marketing purposes for the show is what’s really disgusting. These bottom of the barrel reality shows don’t care about anything but ratings.”

“Vado choking out Tahiry is already wild on its own, but using that for promo is some truly foul s***”

“I ppl blaming the guys 4 NOT helping get Vado off Tahiry but if U assess the situation;
1. The incident was 2 secs (4 if U include the 2 secs of cut aways to Hazel & Phaedra)
2. Dr Ish was already on his Footprints while every1 was seated
3. There was no build up so it was unexpected”

“All those men watched while Tahiry was attacked by a man and only the show host got up to defend her?
None of the men got up to beat his a**.
None of the men there even SAID anything?”

“Marriage Boot Camp isn’t recorded in real time, so the show’s producers could’ve chosen not to show Vado abusing Tahiry on prime-time television. That was an option. SMH. Anything for ratings in the name of “awareness.”

“Tahiry, a Black woman, is choked out ON SCREEN in a room with about 4 other Black men and not ONE moves an inch, bats an eye, opens their mouth, NOTHING.

A true microcosm of society. “Protect Black women” aint nothing but a catchy hashtag for you bum ass niggas. DISGUST ME.”

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“Between seeing the men silent on Talib Kweli attacking Maya for WEEKS, silent on Megan being shot INTENTIONALLY, and now seeing none of those men budge to defend Tahiry…. I hope you all see what we mean by black women not being protected.”

“It’s the fact that Hazel E was the only one who said something while all the “men” in that room, including the two who JUST got in a fight over something that wasn’t even worth fighting over, just let Vado attack Tahiry. Weak asses.”



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