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Back at it again with more hilarious tweets that got us through another stressful week dominated by the perplexing Megan Thee Stallion saga, C Breezy’s vexing Verzuz delusions, nationwide protests, white people white people-ing and the demise of common sense in our crumbling country where things continue to swerve into the hopeless abyss.

At this point, after 5 months in quarantine, we’re either stressed TF out, struggling to sleep normally (if at all), attempting to protect our peace, fighting for Breonna Taylor, learning new skills in quarantine, canceling famous people every hour, mourning the cancelations of EVERY SINGLE SUMMER EVENT or marching for justice in summer heat during the absolute WORST year in recent history.

Peep allll the hilarious tweets that got us through the week on the flip.

We are the horse and the horse is us

“If you put Chris over Usher you probably got roaches in your car” – *HOWLS*

“How Beyoncé expect me to stream this masterpiece, learn choreography and be at work on time?! #BlackIsKing” – haaaaaa

“Y’all sitting on the TL in broad daylight and saying that once Usher plays Superstar in a Verzuz Chris could win by playing Fine China. This is an example of how No Child Left Behind failed the youth.” – it’s the ‘in broad daylight’ for us

“Me liking every tweet on here just to see the little lion pop up 😂 #BlackIsKing” – you and everyone else

“Anyone who thinks Chris is touching Usher is, well…” – this clip tho

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“This is the only correct way to brush your teeth #BlackIsKing” – ICONIC

“Ppl are actually on Jesus D’Anthony’s internet saying Chris beating Thee Usher Raymond in a Verzuz. This is what I have to say to them.” – CLASSIC

“Me explaining to everyone that we were beauty before they even knew what beauty was #BlackIsKing” – someone has to do it


Us: As soon as Tory Lanez post anything about his birthday today lol” – play stupid games, win stupid prizes

“The real reason Tik Tok getting banned is because they just didn’t have what Vine had……

“Play Martin Payne in Martin on Ice” – nooooooooooo

“All of Twitter when they hear it’s Tory Lanez birthday” – one of the few times Twitter actually united on something


“Yall: “Jeff bezos has the power to save our plant and end world hunger”
Jeff bezos:’ – this is more accurate than we know

“LOOOOL it’s Tory Lanez birthday and someone asked if he turned 5’4 yet😭” – noooooooo

“This is THEE gif. All other gifs can retire now #BlackIsKing” – whewwwwww



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