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Real Housewives of Potomac

Source: Sophe Holland / Bravo

Reality TV is back, America. After being away far too long the good folks at Real Housewives Of Potomac are here to entertain, get messy and get as petty as humanly possible.

The big story now is that in a few weeks, Candiace and Monique are about to have a big physical altercation that will have furniture moving and fists flying. Now we get to enjoy the build up to see how things got this bad.

In the meantime, we had a season premiere full of hilarity. First, there was Gizelle’s new house that looked like the Powerpuff Girls were murdered inside. That made the internet take a look at her fashion and drag that too. Then there was the blow up between Candiace and Ashley, where Candiace went off on Ashley while she was in labor. We also welcomed a new housewife to the cast, Dr. Wendy Osefo and we can already tell the PhD toting Nigerian beauty has got something in store for us this season.

But the biggest clowning went to Candiace and her $22,000 first anniversary party that had…A CASH BAR. What?

She tried to defend it with this:

“When you host multiple soirées a year for 100 of your closest friends and family with open bar (as @cbassett33 and I do) I invite you to comment on my cash bar. Until then, drink your Barefoot in your home. Quietly. “

However, the internet was not having it. They clowned the hell out of her perceived tackiness. Everyone was catching hell this week. Hit the flip to see it all…

“I just thought Gizelle had a bad stylist but now I really know she just got horrible taste”

“She had SO much to say about Dame Karen’s home, but can someone tell me why Gizelle’s “remodeled” home looks like a bowl of Trix cereal that’s been sitting out in milk for at least an hour?”

“Somebody said that Giselle went furniture shopping at the Beetlejuice outlet and I honestly cannot un see it! “

“Everyone is talking about “I’m team Candace” or “I’m team Monique” I’m team no one because we don’t even know the actual storyline that led up to the fight.”

“Yeah I don’t trust Candice at all. She seeks attention at every opportunity. So this upcoming fight between her and Monique – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something she started”

“Yes Gizelle’s house decor is garish but who’s surprised considering her style… Did you all her reunion looks?… Makes sense”

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“If you gotta have a cash bar at your party you can’t afford the party…. my god Candiace you always talking about Chris’s cooking y’all could have had a lit kickback instead of this”

“Not Candice with a cash bar. Broke people energy. Should have had your function at the local shopping center banquet hall where you could bring in liquor. Tacky tacky. “

“Imagine spending 22k for a 1st Anniversary party and it’s a CASH BAR?! I’ve officially seen all I need to see of Candiace this season. I’m so embarrassed for her”

“CASH BAR? You don’t invite guests to a party and then expect them to pay for things. If you can’t afford to have a party don’t have one. Also, a one year anniversary party isn’t a thing”

I’m not Ashley’s biggest fan but for Candiace to call her a roach is crossing the line! Plus Candiace lived off her mom so what’s they difference of Ashley living off her husband

“Now I am not an Ashley advocate, but Candiace gets really weird and nasty when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood specifically as it relates to Ashley”


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