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Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President. This has everyone shooting off hot takes and thoughts about the nature of the appointment and what this means. We know one group that’s elated and that’s the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, IIIIIIIIIIIINCORPORATED.

Harris is a proud member as she mentioned back in September in a profile in Washington Post.

Harris was one of 38 women who pledged AKA in 1986. She was a second-semester senior and Flowers, who became a member her sophomore year, was her sponsor. It was late to pledge a sorority, but Harris had spent much of her sophomore year focused on debate. Junior year, the chapter didn’t accept new members. Harris was intent on joining, she says, because “one of the people in my life who had a great deal of influence on me was my Auntie Chris, and she went to Howard University and pledged AKA,” referring to family friend Christine Simmons, a former chapter president, who died in 2015. “When I was a kid, I’d go to sorority events with her. I actually remember that one of my summer jobs when I was in high school was to sort through all of her papers and organize them. And every one of those papers was either pink or green.”

In the late winter cold, Harris stood shoulder to shoulder with her “line sisters” in front of Rankin Chapel. With their chins thrust upward and wearing matching coats, they’d recite a poem or be quizzed on sorority lore by senior members.

Harris didn’t have much time to enjoy undergraduate sorority life. But sisterhood and its benefits last a lifetime. In June, when Harris paid a campaign visit to Columbia, S.C., she was invited to stand on the side porch of a grand mansion, where ceiling fans swirled in the steamy air, to sell herself to potential voters — many of them black and most of them women. She was introduced by a fiercely poised soror who attested to Harris’s integrity by simply calling her a “sister of the ivy.”

The celebration is afoot. Hit the flip to see it all.

“If Kamala Harris is picked as VP, thousands of Black youth will be snatched off the streets by federal troops in unmarked Nissan Altimas with AKA tags.”

“Now that Kamala Harris is Biden’s pick for VP the AKA’s will be Skeeing and Weeing louder and prouder than ever before. And when she and Joe win we really won’t be able to tell them s***. I suggest we all invest in ear protection cuz it’s about to get loud. Lol.”

“Kamala Harris being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and becoming the first Black woman chosen as a VP candidate is history in the making!!

Who else would be First besides an AKA? Go Soror Go!”

“Kamala Harris as The Democratic VP pick is historic and AKAs are getting ready to support their soror. “

“Yaaaaas!!! Soror Kamala Harris is the new VP for Biden!!!! Thus made my day!! Rise up AKA’s”

“My momma hilarious … she said she about to pay her AKA dues after all these years … Kamala got these folks on 10. “

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“Somebody just said Kamala limo gonna have AKA plates.”

“An AKA as VP is definitely funnier than it needs to be

White House Advisors : The situation in Yemen is a humanitarian Tragedy of Dire Proportions.

Kamala : So What you’re telling me is that this is a serious matter ?”

“The AKA sorors about to be lined up like this to vote for Kamala:”



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