SMH: Witness Says Chris Henry Threatened to Kill Himself Right Before the Fatal Accident

- By Bossip Staff

As if this story couldn’t get any worse, a witness has stated that deceased Cincinnati Bengals WR, Chris Henry, begged his fiancée to stop and talk or he would kill himself.

Pop the hatch to see the image of the tire tracks of Loleini Tonga’s yellow pickup truck in front of her parents’ crib…

Man, when are these dudes going to learn? This chick knew he was on the back of the truck and still kept going when he fell off. He was going to kill himself over a broad like that??? Pure craziness.


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  • whiteberry



    First the crazy Steve McNair incident and now this.

  • JC 'o Bklyn

    Whatever money he left, not a dime should go to her; his kids should inherit.

  • London Girl

    So very, very sad. Such a handsome young man, and (what appears to be) a heartless young woman. 1 life lost, another scarred for life. And to lose your son/brother a week before Christmas!? Again, so sad! RIP

  • Army

    @ Tropical english
    good point but this chick is not black FYI she’s Samoan

  • Souljagir

    Wow, this could have been the norm for them it’s so senseless that they both became so enraged in whatever they were having a dispute over that he loss his life and now the children won’t know their father and possibly not know their mother if she gets charged! A shame!

  • London Girl

    @ Tropical English

    I read on another post that she has mental and/or drink related issues and has bragged about getting into domestic disputes with past boyfriends. So we do not know who really was to blame. All we actually know is that the end result is unfortunate. I agree with a lot of what you have said but not (all) “black men are a mess”, as not (all) black women are victims.



  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪

    She must feel like shiit. i have no sympathy for her whatsoever. how you gonna drive like that with someone on the back of a pickup truck? …smh
    i hope she doesnt get any of his money. let’s see what the outcome is of this


    this story makes me want to go home and hug my hubby sooooooo tight. mi loves him and this saddens me!



  • London Girl

    @ PRPPLE, just PURPPLE

    Aaaaaaawwwwwwww, that’s sweet. Go do it girl!!!!

  • GoKickRox

    @ Tropical English
    The man lost his life…. There is no comparison with what happens with black women for what happened to him…HE lost his life. He is DEAD.

  • NaijaQueen

    @ London Girl – THANK YOU! Apparently, you’re able to reason effectively!

    Please ignore Tropical English’s incredible GENERALIZATIONS! Seems that she’s the angry one! SMH….

    RIP Chris Henry and my prayers go out to his family! NO ONE deserves this regardless of their “mental” state or “violent” past!

  • Lets Be For Real

    This is truly a sad story…

    But there’s still sooo many questions…

    Not enough answers…

  • JuJuBean

    RIP – we don’t know what happened or who is to blame. Who cares wtf color either of them are. He is dead. Her kids don’t have a dad. They obviously loved each other so she is hurting too.

  • BapBarbie

    They had a bad relationship that unfortunately came to an end with his death.

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  • Why

    @Tropical English, I agree with your initial post, everybody want to call her stupid and didnt care when clearly, she was trying to GET AWAY from him! He does have a history of violence and arrests, etc.

    And most of these post coming from other hateful black women! I dont understand!

    I am sure if he threatned to kill himself he was probably threatning to pop her upside the head as well!

  • CriticXtreme

    Last time, when you have someone as fine as this broad, you have to hit and run. Keep your own place of residence and fulfill your dreams! Chris made a big mistake by not handling his business. And for all your douchez who think they’re in “LOVE”, think with the right head and not your heart or your junk. Yes, she is fine, nice face and azz but take notes from an OG, when your heart tells you to do something with or for her, do the opposite. If you don’t you’ll end up like Chris or become an out of control/emotional puss-z! Again, you’ve been warned.

  • SMDH

    12/18/09, 09:16:am

    this story makes me want to go home and hug my hubby sooooooo tight. mi loves him and this saddens me!

    Good for you! You sound like a good black woman.

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    OK! /Who parks their vehicle on the front lawn except Mexicans and plain crazy people. Case Closed.

  • BWW

    This is a sad story and at this point we don’t have enough answers to put blame on this girl. They seem to be two young people who were in the heat of a domestic spat & I don’t either one of them sought out to do any permanent harm on purpose. Who knows what was going in that house that caused him to run out in the cold with no shirt and jump on the back of a moving truck and beat it to the point where someone actually called 911. And further more….who cares what the girl looks like. SMH at people judging her based on looks.

  • tg

    What’s done is done – we can’t change the facts – BUT I PRAY that others LEARN from this. That’s my problem – stuff like this happens again and again and people just won’t learn. Some times you just have to wait till later and let things calm down before doing something crazy. It could cost you your OWN LIFE.

  • Ms. J

    This is so sad…. He’s down their with HER family instead of being surrounded with his family who loved and supported Him… He just never had a chance at life. 😦

  • aleximaq

    This is why I am so tough on my son….if he EVER brought a hooka like this to my home, my life….talking bout marrying her…she would come up missing….I am so serious…

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