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Azealia Banks is still going through a rough time and she feels like her mother is triggering some of what she’s going through. Earlier this week, Banks sent a message claiming she was ready to ““end” her time on Earth. Yesterday she shared another message, this time on Facebook, accusing her mother of being a negative force in her life. In the caption of the now-deleted post, Banks gives some clarity on what’s been happening in their relationship.

“This is also why im extremely stressed out 24/7, My mother has been wishing death on me, saying ‘I’m a piece of s*** just like my father’ since I was three years old. This is an extremely toxic relationship I have to cut off. She’s using the potential deaths of my other two dogs chicken and salt as collateral YET AGAIN.”

The texts began:

“You been saying the same sh*t over and over it sounds like the movie Groundhog Day sorry,” wrote her mom. “You have the same pot of soup on the stove heating it up day after I have my own depression.”

Then, she compared Azealia to her “coke head” father.

“Same sh*t your coke head father did sh*t you. F**k you go right ahead with your drugs,” said Azealia’s mom in one text.

Azealia fires back, accusing her mom of taking “psych meds” and threatening to cut her phone off. In rebuttal her mom threatens to take Azealia’s two dogs to the city pound, apparently having them in her care as a favor to her daughter.

Sounds heavy. We hope things get better between her and her mom, and Azealia is feeling better soon.

What do you think about Azealia’s mom’s apparent lack of support?





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