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Back at it again with more hilarious tweets that got us through another wild week dominated by “WAP” aftershocks, Jordin Sparks dancing to her new youth ministry lock-in anthem “Red Sangria,” Kamala Harris becoming the second most powerful candidate in the nation, white people white people-ing and the demise of common sense in our crumbling country where things continue to swerve into the hopeless abyss.

At this point, after 5 months in quarantine, we’re either stressed TF out, struggling to sleep normally (if at all), attempting to protect our peace, learning new skills in quarantine, supporting Black businesses, canceling famous people every hour, binging something new on Netflix, mourning the cancelations of EVERY SINGLE SUMMER EVENT or marching for justice in summer heat during the absolute WORST year in recent history.

But hey, at least we have endless waves of hilarious tweets, memes, videos and GIFs that we compiled for your weekend enjoyment on the flip.

“#BidenHarris2020” – DIS TEW MUCH

“i saw Jordin Sparks dancing like she was in a tampon commercial allllll day so… i’ll log out now” – whyyyyy

“Biden and his cabinet at the inauguration” – you know what…

“Christina we know you made this” – now, Xtina…


“Kylie Jenner: “My Momma said y’all gotta put me in y’all video” #WAP” – iconic meme

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“No stimulus check guess I’ll warm these ribs up from the 4th” – we ain’t mad at it

“This was deada** me watching the WAP video lmfao” – us, too

“N*ggas wearing tilapia fillets” – *HOLLERS*

“Everyone is immature. I’ve been crying 10 minutes lmfaoo” – staaaaaahp

“Kidz Bop: 🗣 “It’s some chores in this house!” – need this version ASAP

“Black people always have stuff only they know how to use” – hilarioussssss

This was 100% necessary

Mya Rudolph as Kamala Harris will be one of the best things about her in the White House.


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