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Everyone’s STILL buzzing over Cardi & Megan’s deliciously nasty “WAP” video that p-popped its way to 60 million views over the weekend while fueling hilarious tweets and relentless Kylie Jenner slander as the hottest new obsession on social media.

Sprinkled with cameos from hot girl Normani, Rubi Rose, Mulatto, Sukihana and Rosalía, the now iconic visuals featuring tigers and tiddays served as yet another win for Meg and a strong comeback for Cardi who kicked off her upcoming album rollout with a BANG.

“I been had this record for a long time,” Cardi explained in an interview with Hot 97. “I wanted it to be like four, five females.” Ultimately, she decided to go in a different direction and keep just her and Meg on the track.

“It was just such a good vibe,” she recalls about her time vibing with Meg in LA.

“When I heard the song, I thought she only put one verse…I didn’t even know she put a verse almost at the end of it. … It was just too [hot].”

Cardi also touched on the now infamous Tory Lanez incident.

“I texted [Meg] something but I didn’t want to call her because I didn’t know where she’s at mentally,” Cardi said when asked if she had spoken to Meg about the incident.

“Sometimes when I go through some hard sh*t or something crazy in the media it’s like when people [ask if you’re okay] or when they call you and you get more and more emotional, you want to cry,” she added. “I was like, you know what. Let me give her a minute. It’s a lot. Dealing with that media stuff, it’s a lot.”

Luckily for us, they powered through the mess and made “WAP” happen in a rare 2020 win.

“We came up with a big list of a lot of girls we wanted on the music video. But you know what I’m saying—the budget. … This video cost a lot of money, especially because of the [COVID] sh*t. It cost us an extra like almost $100,000 to get everybody motherf*cking tested. So it was a very expensive video.”

What was your fave part of the video? Would you like to see a star-studded remix? Peep MORE hilarious memes from the world-stopping “WAP” video on the flip.

“WAP deleted scene” – CLASSIC

“Oh not Kylie” – you know what…

“Kylie Jenner: “My Momma said y’all gotta put me in y’all video” #WAP” – iconic meme

“This was deada** me watching the WAP video lmfao” – us, too

“Christina we know you made this” – now, Xtina…

“kylie jenner showing up in the wap music video” – haaaaaaaa

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“Kidz Bop: 🗣 “It’s some chores in this house!” – the Kidz Bop version is going to SLAP

“Cardi B and Megan looking in random doors in #WAP video:

Rosalia: Serving

Tigers: Tigering

Kylie: Unnecessarying

Normani:” – the sound effects!

“#HowToGetAwayWithWAP” – yesssss auntie Viola!

“LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO” – Normani was killin’ it

“When I saw Kylie Jenner walk out like if she had a verse” – imagine her actually having a verse

“It was perfect but then”- life is full of disappointments

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.” – we’re glad you couldn’t

“when Kylie showed up in the Cardi x Meg video” – we didn’t deserve this


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