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Kamala Harris is now “officially” the first Black woman to be named vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket. If you’ve paid attention to national politics over the past few years then you know that Senator Harris is tough as a $2 steak when it comes to questioning witnesses who appear in front of the Senate to testify. Just ask full-of-s#!t Attorney General Bill Barr how it feels to be George Foreman grilled by Harris. But last night at the Democratic National Convention, it wasn’t about pugilism or poppin’ off. Kamala Harris put down Thor’s hammer and picked up Captain America’s shield. She shielded herself against the “scary other” attacks that Trump and his bigoted band of bootlickers will launch on her by introducing herself to voters as a human being.

Harris talked about her family, the biological, the political, the Greek, the HBCU, and all those who she loves. From what we can gather the purpose of this particular speech was not to rain hellfire down on the current administration, President Obama took care of that part earlier in the evening. The goal seemed to be to let viewers inside of her life’s journey to paint the clear picture that she is empathetic and understanding of the issues that the average American can relate to. It worked pretty damn well.

When she’s not fileting liars with all her skills as a former prosecutor, Kamala Harris appears to be one of the most joyous and genuinely happy people that we’ve seen in politics in quite some time. Her smile and upbeat demeanor make her feel like the homegirl you want to kick it with and talk about life with. But don’t get it twisted, Kamala Harris is about the business of bringing major change to this country that will benefit us all.

If you didn’t get a chance to see her speech last night then we highly suggest you press play below and watch the woman who is about to become the next Vice President of these United States.




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