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“P-Valley” fans can’t get enough of the swoon-worthy screen candy on the wildly popular Starz series that’s easily the hottest collection of southern-fried scenes with the finest actors on TV.

At one point, it seemed like Tyler Lepley (who plays club bouncer Diamond) was the most thirsted over character on the show until we saw a thirst surge for Parker Sawyers (who plays conflicted business man Andre Watkins) after his spicy phone secks scene a few episodes go.

Andre found a way out of Chucalissa to become a well-educated high-achiever with a beautiful wife (who he doesn’t seem too crazy about) and thriving career who returned home to close a landmark Casino deal that threatens to change the rundown town forever.

P-Valley assets

Source: Starz

Oh, but there’s more: he’s entangled with exotic dancer Autumn Night from the Pynk skrip club who, uh, did things to get key information out of him that would save the struggling venue and potentially doom the deal tied to Chucalissa’s shady mayor.

Whew, Andre is headed toward some red hot Mississippi MESS in the final two episodes of Season 1 that’s featured some of the best writing, acting, directing and choreography of the year (thus far).

And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen Parker Sawyers (Andre) before, he played a young Barack Obama opposite Tika Sumpter (who played Michelle Obama) in 2016 Drama “Southside With You.”

Have you been thirsting over Andre? If not, who’s your fave panty-melter on the show? Tell us in the comments and peep the lusty hysteria over Andre on the flip.

“I know i brag about how fine Lil Murda is but Andre is really my type lol (hold the cheating.)” – naaaah the cheating comes with him

“I want Andre to touch that dangling thang in the back of my throat” – nastyyyy

“Andre is fine tho. with his skinny a**. I know he got a toddler leg” – whoa WHOA

“Andre ain’t gotta be this damn fine” – this pic tho

“I know one thing…#PValley Big L, Andre, Diamond, Mane, Lil Murda, and Duffy….😂 look here” – so, uh, everybody

“Andre on P-Valley is soo damn fioonne!” – that seems to be the consensus

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“Issa Andre for me too niece” – Andre poppin’

“Me snatching my throat offer from Andre cause he got a girl” – WELP

“Andre fine as hell but he’s a whole a** struggle. The cute ones always are. Sigh” – WELP


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