Megan Thee Stallion, Tammy And Waka Flocka Fight Over Misunderstanding

Here’s How One Big Misunderstanding Led To Meg Thee Stallion, Waka Flocka And Tammy DRAGGING Each Other Across The Internet By Accident

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#CRWN A Conversation With Elliott Wilson And Megan Thee Stallion

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So this all started with a rapper named Cash Talk. He posted on his IG stories with his own commentary on Tory Lanez shooting Megan Thee Stallion. The Atlanta native insinuated that Megan Thee Stallion may have contributed to her own shooting by acting out.

“Megan 6 Feet Tory 5″2 We don’t know what the hell happen in that car! Y’all know females be tripping and s***!!! All these cap a** rappers picking a side like little B***** and s***,” the caption wrote.

The Shade Room posted the quote. Waka Flocka commented with a “100” emoji. Meg posted in the Shade Room’s comments in response to the Waka’s unthoughtful contribution and wrote “He didn’t make it past the 9th grade I expect nothing less coming out of his mouth.”

This all led to a lot of confusion. A lot of people thought Waka was giving Cash Talk the emoji for what he said, but he clarified that it was for the shirt he was wearing. The t-shirt is apparently from Waka’s street wear brand Dro Life.

“Ummm I was talkin’ ’bout the shirt @drolife damn y’all think of me like that bool,” he commented. He’s a partner of the shirt company and was hyping up the gear.

This all prompted Waka’s wife Tammy Rivera to join in and defend Waka from the perceived Meg slight. Pictures of how the whole debacle went down can be seen in the post above from The Shade Room:

“What baffles me is that @theestallion Waka has shown nothing but love and support from day one! He’s dm’ed you many times sending you support and condolences.. so if you felt away why not reach out instead of sending a disrespectful a$$ shot?..Anyone knows I have no problem checking Waka a$$ when he’s wrong, Only thing he’s wrong for is not paying attention before commenting on this damn post! He has ownership of @drolife clothing and gets excited when he see ppl wearing it, which is the shirt the man is wearing! What’s even crazier is that we have talked about the situation And Waka said out his own mouth Tory was weak asf if he did that s*** to Megan, Before we even knew it was true! And one thing I know for sure is that my husband don’t play about any kind of domestic Violence neither does the woman @debra4mizay who raised him! I won’t let nobody drag him especially when I know it was an honest mistake! What happen to Megan was wrong on soooo many levels but your anger is misplaced we stand with you not against you sweetie…congratulations on your new hit single #Wap and @wakaflocka next time pay f***** attention while when you comment on s*** cause I ain’t got time to be defined yo a$$ for stupid s***”

To which Meg responded “Wasn’t talking to Waka…”

It was all one big misunderstanding and now everyone fighting for no reason. Whatever the case, the internet is full of jokes, slander and dragging. Hit the flip to see it…

“I’m guessing Waka didn’t make it past the 9th grade either….? Lmaooo the jokes write themselves”

“Tammie trynna defend Waka now she looks dumb as hell..Somebody tell her to delete that post before Megan dog walks her a**..”

“Who…..TF tami think she is calling out Megan Thee Stallion..? And 2nd shes wasn’t even talking about Waka apparently. This is why you sit there and eat your food.”

“The issue with Waka is that he should’ve read the room. Who comments “Hundred points symbol” under a post dissing Megan… you deserved that dragging”

“so did Waka also not finish the 9th grade? Otherwise idk why his wife felt the need to write a book in the comments. If it didn’t apply, let it fly Chile”

“Tammy gotta understand that we don’t fall for waka flocka’s lies as easily as she does”

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“The fact that Tammy embarrassed herself and her man and Meg wasn’t even talking about Waka Flaka”

“Lmao why tf would Tammy think Meg was talking to Waka? Mfers be slow and just ready to pop off.”


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