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Kanye West & Nick Cannon

Source: (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc) / (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

As promised, Nick Cannon has released part 1 of his highly-anticipated Cannon’s Class interview with Kanye West.

The conversation takes place at West’s ranch and Yeezy HQ in Wyoming. During the interview, the two discuss every topic imaginable. Kanye talks about fashion but goes more in-depth than we’re used to while giving fans a look into his thinking around his deal with GAP. He also talks about the inspiration behind his 350 Adidas, telling a story of being in the airport seeing the #2 shoe in the word–the Nike Roshe–everywhere and wanting to replace that sneaker with his own shoe…which he ultimately did. West even explains that his next goal to tackle is an affordable duffle to replace the Louis Vuitton you see everywhere when traveling. He also responds to those critical of his faith after criticisms from his latest Forbes interviews.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, I like being cool,” West said in the interview. “I didn’t go into an environment to come off uncool. Why would I wanna come off uncool if I’ve been telling Forbes for three years to put me on the list and they intentionally snubbed me off the list? I feel like Forbes kept snubbing me because they wanted to say, ‘We can’t show you a person being successful that didn’t do it the exact way that we told you you need to do it in order to be successful.'”

“I was snubbed by a magazine but I was recognized by god,” West continued around six minutes in. “I would do Sunday Service and there would be atheists who would come and tell me ‘Well, maybe you shouldn’t mention Jesus’ name so much.’ And that’s all I need to hear. I was like ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!’ Thank you for inciting the riot.”

The duo also tackles business topics such as non-compete clauses, theft of black art, and the paparazzi before West once again talks about his hopes for the 2020 election and his opinion on abortion, which is sure to upset a lot of folks.

He also responded to R&B icon Stephanie Mill’s comments that he and Nick are “paid distractions” who are “acting like little paid slaves.” According to Kanye, he’s NOT being paid to divide votes so that Trump can win in November.

“They’ve called both of us coons,” said Nick. They’ve called us crazy. They called us all of these names. Like I saw somebody I love dearly, Stephanie Mills, said that you and I are paid slaves playing with our toys and we need to take our toys and go back home.”

“My last name’s a slave name,” said Kanye. “Where is home exactly, Stephanie? People keep on saying, ‘I think that you and Republicans are in cahoots.’ Bro, can’t nobody pay me! I got more money than Trump!”


“I’m not running for President, I’m walking.”


You can watch the interview for yourself down below:


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