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While Future’s baby mama Eliza Reign continues to fight for $53K/month in child support, Cam Newton’s ex Kia Proctor requested a more sensible $15K/month for their 4 kids in an amicable development after months of cheating rumors.

The 32-year-old former exotic dancer filed papers in her paternity/child support case stating that she’s spending a little over $15K/month to take care of their kids, and detailed her spending for their essentials. Newton was previously giving her money but wanted a figure to be determined by a judge for future payments.

She noted that she spends $3,000 on groceries/household necessities, $2,966 on their child care, $666 on clothing, $300 on grooming, and $416 on entertainment. As for her vehicle to get the kids around, she spends about $2,640 a month. These bills, which amount to $15,678, are much greater than the $1,276 she, alone, brings in each month.

Newton recently signed a 1-year deal with the New England Patriots loaded with incentives that could push his salary to $7.5 million this season.

His starting salary for this upcoming season is $1.05 million with a guaranteed $550,000 at signing.

He had previously signed a record-shattering 5-year, $103.8 million deal ($54 million guaranteed) with the Carolina Panthers before being cut earlier this year.

The former couple started dating in 2013 and welcomed their first son, Chosen, in 2015, daughter Sovereign-Dior in 2017, then sons Camidas in 2018, and Cashmere in 2019.

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced that the couple split amid rumors that he knocked up his (alleged) side chick IG model La Reina Shaw.

That turned out to be true when Newton welcomed son Caesar in 2019. He announced the news that he has seven children, including a daughter he claims named Shakira from a previous relationship of Proctor’s, and a son named Jaden from a previous relationship of Shaw’s. He is reportedly in a relationship with Shaw presently.

Do you agree that Cam should pay $15K/month in child support for 4 kids? Too much or too little? Tell us in the comments and peep the Twitter chitter-chatter on the flip.

“Y’all keep asking dumb questions about child support. Cam newton is worth 45 million dollars and easily spends 15k on his lil hand bags per month, but you think his kids needing 15k per month is too much?” – lil hands bags!

“Future’s bm wanted almost $60k a month in cs, meanwhile Cam Newton’s ex gf is asking for $15,000 a month for 4 kids. She could go a lil higher cause 15k doesn’t seem like much for 4 kids” – that’s a deal if we’ve ever seen one

“Cam Newton’s ex wants $15k a month in child support. I hope the judge pushes it up to $30k cause that’s what cam gets for cheating on her” – and there’s that

“Cam Newton’s ex only wants 15k for four children. Meanwhile, Future’s BM wanted a unicorn for one” – a whole unicorn (that she’s not getting)

“Cam Newton’s ex somehow racks up $15,678/month in expenses for the kids but only makes $1,276/month – seems like Cam already takes care of em. Cause ain’t no way in America that’s possible” – no way at all

“Future baby mother asking for $53,000 for one child while Cam Newton baby mother asking for $15,000 for four children. FOUR! It ain’t my business but the math ain’t mathin” – math is wayyyy off

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“future bm tried to get 53k a month child support and only got 3.2k. the goat prevails once again through adversity” – another win for the toxic king

“They fact that Cam Newton put 4 children in this woman without marriage is bad enough, but then he’s complaining about 15k a month for child care?!” – we doubt he’s complaining about this good deal

“Cam newton ex requesting 15k a month in Chile support lol and that’s the most sensible number I’ve ever seen” – everrrrr seen, ever



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