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P-Valley assets

Source: STARZ

“Country boy, home-bred, raised off of cornbread/started off with short paper/now I’m having long bread” ayeeee Lil Murda slidddd on his new club-rocker “Mississippi Pride” that he performed at the Pynk in the littest scene we’ve seen in a minute.

Everyone’s been buzzing over the certified cake-clapper that set the tone for Sunday’s highly anticipated season finale packed with p-pops, thrilling drama and gunshots.

In the best directed episode of the hit series, we see Lil Murda step into stardom on Murda Night while Hailey is terrorized by her ex Montavius who forces her to dance for him in the Paradise Room.

At some point, we knew the slimy abuser would find her after she scammed away his money with Mercedes who attempts to save her before getting caught up too.

Uncle Clifford straps up with a gun to save Hailey and Mercedes from Montavius in the midst of a poppin’ night at the Pynk where we also see Lil Murda meeting with a label head who has his eye on Miss Mississippi who can’t shake her abusive baby daddy.

And that’s when s*** hits the fan with Hailey and Mercedes fighting Montavius along with Uncle Clifford who fires shots in the struggle while Diamond brawls with Mississippi’s baby daddy who also fires shots and sparks chaos in the club.

Whew chile, it was quite the MESS FEST that ends with Mississippi shockingly pulling a gun on Diamond as he’s whooping her abuser and Montavius seemingly being killed.

P-Valley assets

Source: STARZ

In the aftermath, it’s HAILEY who beats Andre and the greasy mayor with her scam money to save the Pynk making her partners with Uncle Clifford.

As for our girl Mercedes, well, she STILL didn’t get her last dance and goes out sad in a heartbreaking scene where she tries to reunite with her evil mother who reminds her that they’re dead to each other.

P-Valley assets

Source: STARZ

How do you feel about the exciting finale? What do you think happens in Season 2? Did you feel sorry for Mercedes? Do you think Lil Murda blows up as a rapper? Will Diamond ever get Mississippi? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest, wildest and messiest reactions on the flip.

“Uncle Clifford everytime lil murda performs” – EVERY TIME

“When Mississippi pulled the gun on Diamond instead of her abusing a** white bd” – we were Team Mississippi until that moment. Girl, WHY???

“Uncle Clifford supporting Lil Murda at the Pynk” – we love to see it

“Did Keyshawn’s WHYTE baby daddy just call Diamond a.. a…… NIG*ER?!” – why yes, yes he did

“Country boy homebred! Raised off of cornbread! Started off with shortbread, Now I’m getting long bread!

Me” – us, too!

“Uncle Clifford when Lil Murda was on stage!” – we need more support like this and less haters in the world

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“Lil Murda: “DJ Neva Scared is my producer.”

Exec: “You mean that fetus muf*cka dancing in the Dj Booth?”

DJ Neva Scared:” – you know what…



“Mercedes when she realized Hailey was in the Paradise Room with Montavius” – the way she ran in those heels

“M I crooked letter crooked letter I crooked letter Crooked letter I humpback humpback I MISSISSIPPI PRIDE” – the JAM

“Bih who made this? HOLLERING.” – lololololololol

“M-I-Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter-I-Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter-I-Hump Back, Hump Back-I
Mississippi Pride, Pride” – instant classic

“It’s gon be uncle Clifford for me, every time” – can’t WAIT for Season 2

“Sheesh what an intense ass episode:
1. Who killed Hailey’s ex?
2. Is Derrick alive?
3. What’s Hailey’s role at the Pynk now?
4. Are Big L and Diamond coming back?
5. Will Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford get back right?” – questions that need immediate answers


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